Jerseys you won’t admit you own: The mystique of thee obscure jersey

Jerseys you won’t admit you own: The mystique of thee obscure jersey

Full disclosure here, I am a collector of obscure and rare jerseys. Phew, that feels good to unburden this odd proclivity. After all, anyone can own a Bo Levi Mitchell Stamps jersey, Lebron James Heat jersey, or a Tom Brady Patriot jersey. That’s boring.

This is where I’m going to throw down the proverbial gauntlet. Please respond with your the craziest, most insignificant, most cringe-worthy jersey you have owned.

Personally, I buy jerseys like I do groceries. Meaning every 10 days or so. My most recent is a Pascal Siakam “OVO City edition” which I love but I have not worn yet due in part to Spicy P’s recent playoff flop on the offensive half court and the fact that I am still smarting over that game seven last possession loss to the quite unlikable Boston Celtics. We will be back! #WeTheNorth baby!

The CFL, NBA, and NFL dominate my sporting closet. My teams are represented quite brazenly but when it comes to jerseys my fandom knows no bounds. I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty how many hours I have spent hunting down a Dennis Rodman Dallas Mavericks number 70 jersey…a franchise for which he only played 12 games. An Andre “bad moon” Rison Toronto Argonauts or Green Bay Packers work shirt is also on the list. I am a fan of the weird and rare jersey…Wayne Gretzky in a St. Louis Blues kit. Really? Michael “Air” Jordan in Washington Wizards garb? Blasphemy?

I could go on forever about this topic. It is a near obsession for me but I’ll leave you with my current favourite, CFL style:

J.T. O’Sullivan

This jersey is by far my favourite. J.T. O’Sullivan played for a record 11 NFL teams. Sadly, the journeyman NFL quarterback never progressed above 3rd string QB in the CFL, providing respite behind Darian Durant and Drew Willy on the 2012 version of the Saskatchewan Roughriders who finished 8-10 and lost to the Calgary Stampeders in the West Semi-Final. I’ll admit that I am a sucker for a former NFL QB story in the CFL.

#RedSea #BirdGang Let’s go CARDS

Stay safe sports fans, ’till next time

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