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The Canadian Football League offseason has already begun, and we know that it can be difficult to follow along. 13th Man Sports looks to provide you with all of the information that you could need to be updated as often as possible. If you’re looking for Ottawa Redblacks free agency news, you have come to… Read More Ottawa Redblacks Free Agency 2022

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CFL Quarterback Rankings – Offseason 2022

When we last did this exercise just under a year ago, the CFL was a much different place. They were coming off the lost 2020 season and it was nearly impossible to know who was going to maintain their 2019 level and who wouldn’t. It resulted in quite a jumbled list with Matt Nichols being… Read More CFL Quarterback Rankings – Offseason 2022

NFL Can Learn From the CFL’s Overtime Rules

If an NHL game goes to overtime, both teams play a three-on-three game for five minutes, a winner is determined if a team scores, if not it goes to a penalty shootout. This is a fair system as both teams have an equal chance to score. If an NBA game goes to overtime, a five-minute… Read More NFL Can Learn From the CFL’s Overtime Rules

Ranking the CFL Stadiums

The CFL Stadium landscape has been dramatically changed from what it was a decade ago. Since 2012, four teams now call a new stadium their home, and of course, we’ve had a team added to the league in that time with the Ottawa RedBlacks, and their TD Place Stadium has been renovated since it last… Read More Ranking the CFL Stadiums

Ranking the Away Uniforms in the CFL

The offseason and ranking lists, a glorious combination! Everybody loves uniform rankings, right? Today it’s the away uniforms will be focusing on, purely just away uniforms, so no alternative/third uniforms this time, so be prepared to get familiar with the colour white. 9. Saskatchewan Roughriders Quick disclaimer here, I didn’t get into fashion school so… Read More Ranking the Away Uniforms in the CFL

Super Bowl Chances for the NFL’s Canadians

Another year, another crazy season in the National Football League. After week 18 we’re now ready for playoff football, and with more Canadians playing down south than ever before, we were always bound to get a healthy contingent of Canadian players making it to the postseason. Six playoff teams have at least one Canadian on… Read More Super Bowl Chances for the NFL’s Canadians


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