Top 5 CFL Questions After Week 5

Week five of the CFL has come and gone and it has left some teams with more questions than answers and in a shortened season, they need to find the answers fast. Here are five questions we have after week five. Can Dominique Davis Right the Ship In Ottawa? The 2019 season is a seasonContinue reading “Top 5 CFL Questions After Week 5”

CEBL Jersey Rankings

Following up on Frankie’s CEBL logo ranking article that saw some teams unimpressed on where they fell, I feel like it’s time to look at the jerseys. This is going to review both home & away kits, so let’s get right to it. The colours work together but as you’ll see through this article, theyContinue reading “CEBL Jersey Rankings”

Where Should the Senators’ Priorities Be With Their RFA Class?

With the Ottawa Senators 2020-21 shortened 56 game season coming to end, I figured this would be a good time to look at what the Senators’ off-season playbook will look like. Part one of the series will look at the restricted free-agency class. Sitting at $31,851,667 in projected cap space, Pierre Dorion should have theContinue reading “Where Should the Senators’ Priorities Be With Their RFA Class?”