CFL Power Rankings – Week 12

Week 12 of the CFL season was interesting, to say the least. A big trade that saw Trevor Harris going to Montreal, the Blue Bombers clinching the West Division title, and the Redblacks moving on from Marcel Desjardins. It was a crazy week, and the power rankings continue to change. Here’s how we have themContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 12”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 11

Week 11 of the CFL season didn’t create any new or drastic changes in our rankings, but there are still some teams trending in the right direction while some others fall back down to earth at terminal velocity. The playoff scenarios are getting interesting, and those are going to be fun to follow this season.Continue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 11”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 10

The CFL is now in the home stretch of the season. Playoff scenarios are starting to pop up for teams, and talk of who’s legit and who isn’t is being had. Although the football was amazing this week, we have to mention the terrible schedule that saw both the Ottawa Redblacks and the Toronto ArgonautsContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 10”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 9

We are now just beyond the midway point of the CFL season and things are really starting to heat up. Some of the teams towards the bottom of the list look like they may be starting to turn things around and getting back into the playoff hunt. Things keep changing week to week, so youContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 9”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 8

We are now starting to see the CFL take shape. The best teams keep winning, and the bad teams keep losing. Week eight held some interesting matchups to go hand in hand with some bad scheduling with three teams on a bye week. It was a little bit less CFL action than we are accustomedContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 8”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 7

Week seven of the CFL season threw things for a loop once again, but things are starting to become a little bit more clear as we see times for either the fifth or sixth time this season. The middle of the pack, however, is very close and separated by such slim margins that there isContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 7”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Another exciting week of CFL football is in the books and in week six, there were some surprising results that shook our power rankings up once again. A weekend full of rematches and over nine hours of football on Saturday kept fans entertained, but we are starting to see who’s hot and who’s not. TheContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 6”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 5

Another week of the CFL season has wrapped up, and after week five, it seems that we have more questions than answers. Despite the rankings being very difficult this week, we have come to a conclusion that we think is as close as you can get. Here is how the CFL landscape looks after fiveContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 5”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 4

Taking the under seemed to be the thing to do in week four of the Canadian Football League season. While no offence really set the world on fire with their performances, we found out a little bit more about what every team really is, and in some cases, we remain confused about what is goingContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 4”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 3

Week three of the Canadian Football League season was filled with surprises and shook our ranking up from how we had them last week. Only one game went the way of the oddsmakers and a handful of teams played drastically different than how they did the week before. It’s typical CFL, anyone can win onContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 3”