CPL Three Quarter-Season Power Ranking

We’re officially on the business end. The season is seventy-five percent complete, and the race for playoffs and seeding is only heating up! A lot can happen in seven games, and we’ve seen teams form dramatically collapse, off-the-field moves shaking things up, and teams who are more than happy to play spoiler. So as we… Continue reading CPL Three Quarter-Season Power Ranking

CPL Power Rankings – Halfway Point

It has been a fast-paced and exciting CPL season, and it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the regular season already. There has been plenty of twists and turns, with teams who look comfortable at the top stumbling, teams from the outside looking in gaining momentum, and after looking like we may have a runaway… Continue reading CPL Power Rankings – Halfway Point

CPL Quarter-Season Power Rankings

With week seven of the 2022 CPL season in the history books, we have now officially reached the quarter season mark in the season. Jostling for position ahead of the next seven games and beyond are the eight teams below, and before we go into week eight, here is where I think they stand in… Continue reading CPL Quarter-Season Power Rankings