Ottawa Redblacks Fire Marcel Desjardins

On Monday morning, the Ottawa Redblacks fired the only general manager in the team’s history. After building a team that went to the Grey Cup in 2018, Marcel Desjardins allowed some of the team’s key contributors to walk to free agency and while you can argue if those players should have been brought back orContinue reading “Ottawa Redblacks Fire Marcel Desjardins”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 12

Week 12 of the CFL season was interesting, to say the least. A big trade that saw Trevor Harris going to Montreal, the Blue Bombers clinching the West Division title, and the Redblacks moving on from Marcel Desjardins. It was a crazy week, and the power rankings continue to change. Here’s how we have themContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 12”

If You Aren’t Already Watching the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team, You Should Be

As someone who wouldn’t describe themself as a fan of any club, I do in fact enjoy watching soccer, or football for those who prefer to call it that. I have been indulging in the Canadian Men’s National Team as they look to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and I have quicklyContinue reading “If You Aren’t Already Watching the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team, You Should Be”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 11

Week 11 of the CFL season didn’t create any new or drastic changes in our rankings, but there are still some teams trending in the right direction while some others fall back down to earth at terminal velocity. The playoff scenarios are getting interesting, and those are going to be fun to follow this season.Continue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 11”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 10

The CFL is now in the home stretch of the season. Playoff scenarios are starting to pop up for teams, and talk of who’s legit and who isn’t is being had. Although the football was amazing this week, we have to mention the terrible schedule that saw both the Ottawa Redblacks and the Toronto ArgonautsContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 10”

Will Trevor Harris be the Elks Quarterback in 2022?

With all of the things happening with the Edmonton Elks organization, the play of Trevor Harris has been somewhat swept under the rug and rarely talked about. It’s really a well-known fact at this point that Harris is mired with inconsistencies from game to game, but for some reason, those highs haven’t been very highContinue reading “Will Trevor Harris be the Elks Quarterback in 2022?”

Caleb Evans Did Enough to Earn Start On Monday in Montreal

Not every game can be as easy as the first start of Caleb Evans’ career in week nine against the Edmonton Elks was, something that was proven in his week 10 start against the Toronto Argonauts. Despite throwing three interceptions (two of them going for touchdowns the other way), Redblacks head coach Paul LaPolice hasContinue reading “Caleb Evans Did Enough to Earn Start On Monday in Montreal”

Carleton Ravens Look to Rebound After Panda Game Loss

It’s not easy losing what could be considered the biggest game of the season, especially when it’s against your biggest rival in front of roughly 15,000 of your peers. That’s the exact situation that the Carleton Ravens football program is facing right now after a crushing 19-17 loss at the hands of the Ottawa Gee-GeesContinue reading “Carleton Ravens Look to Rebound After Panda Game Loss”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 9

We are now just beyond the midway point of the CFL season and things are really starting to heat up. Some of the teams towards the bottom of the list look like they may be starting to turn things around and getting back into the playoff hunt. Things keep changing week to week, so youContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 9”

PinPoint Racing Season 1 Round 2 Recap – Great Britain

The first round of the season didn’t go as many drivers would have hoped with too many DNFs to count, but after a settings change in the league, Silverstone promised to offer a new experience for drivers league-wide. The historic Silverstone circuit has always been a great race in F1 games, and it was noContinue reading “PinPoint Racing Season 1 Round 2 Recap – Great Britain”