Is Fernando Tatis Jr. Worth The Hype?

In every sport, the best players have people who credit them with being the best to ever walk the earth and those who think they are overrated or aren’t good altogether. One of baseball’s brightest young stars in Fernando Tatis Jr. is no exception as the question continues, is he worth all of the hype?Continue reading “Is Fernando Tatis Jr. Worth The Hype?”

The Stupidity of Baseball’s Unwritten Rules

All sports have some kind of unwritten rules among players, whether it’s not being allowed to take liberties with other teams star players, needing to fight when you make a dirty hit in hockey, or giving possession back to a team after they kick it out of bounds to have an injured player be lookedContinue reading “The Stupidity of Baseball’s Unwritten Rules”

Blue Jays Are Playing Fun, Inspired Baseball

It wasn’t too long ago where we saw the 2015 version of the Toronto Blue Jays bringing new hope to the fan base with players like José Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnación, and David Price leading the way. Since then, there have been some tough times, but after a changing of the guard, there isContinue reading “Blue Jays Are Playing Fun, Inspired Baseball”

Trevor Bauer, Fernando Tatis Jr. Share Exchanges After Padres vs Dodgers Clash

On March 6, Trevor Bauer pitched with one eye closed during a spring training game in a game against the San Diego Padres. On April 24th, Fernando Tatis Jr. saw a chance to get back at him. He hit the second pitch of the game deep. He then proceeded to turn to his dugout withContinue reading “Trevor Bauer, Fernando Tatis Jr. Share Exchanges After Padres vs Dodgers Clash”

Ke’Bryan Hayes Sufferers Setback, To Miss More Time

Ke’Bryan Hayes has been out of the Pirates lineup after hurting his wrist on a swing on the April 3rd matchup against the Cubs. He returned to Pittsburgh for further evaluation last week. Hayes’ health has improved enough to be taking indoor batting practice off of a high-velocity pitching machine on Wednesday in Detroit. WhileContinue reading “Ke’Bryan Hayes Sufferers Setback, To Miss More Time”

It’s Time For MLB to Introduce Robot Umpires

Baseball has always had a hard time getting with the times and that has left them playing catchup when compared to other sports, but when it comes to robot officials. they have a chance to make history and use them in a game. One of my favourite-baseball related Twitter accounts is @UmpScorecards and you shouldContinue reading “It’s Time For MLB to Introduce Robot Umpires”

MLB The Show 21 Review

I have long believed that MLB The Show is the best sports game available on the market, and that hasn’t changed with the new version of the game, MLB The Show 21. I got my hands on the game four days early thanks to the pre-order bonus on the special editions of the game andContinue reading “MLB The Show 21 Review”

Guerrero Jr. Is Becoming Better Than Expected

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. came up to the major leagues in 2019 with expectations higher than anyone in recent memory, expectations that were unfair to the young phenom. Since then, Blue Jays fans have held Guerrero Jr. to an incredibly high standard, and after a tough season in the shortened 2020 season, some fans went asContinue reading “Guerrero Jr. Is Becoming Better Than Expected”

You Can’t Hit a Home Run If You Don’t Hit the Ball

Not to be captain obvious or anything, but has anyone ever told the Toronto Blue Jays that the first step of hitting a home run is actually making contact with the baseball? Before we get into this, I want it to be abundantly clear that there is very little cause for concern so far afterContinue reading “You Can’t Hit a Home Run If You Don’t Hit the Ball”

Blue Jays Need to Ditch Tanner Roark Before it’s too Late

Another Blue Jays season is underway and just 5 games in, fans already have their scapegoat of the year. Expectations for Roark were pretty low before he took to the mound for the first time this season in front of a large gathering of fans in Texas when the Blue Jays took on the RangersContinue reading “Blue Jays Need to Ditch Tanner Roark Before it’s too Late”