Up The North! HFX midfielder, Aidan Daniels FC13 Podcast

Up The North! is the newest addition to the FC13 rotation you have come to love. Join Simon Springer as he chats with some of the Canadian Premier League, and Canadian soccer's most interesting talents and personalities. On this episode, HFX Wanderers midfielder Aidan Daniels joins the show.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @FC13Podcast, and our parent account, @13thManSports for all of your soccer needs! – FC13 Podcast is sponsored by Bet99, enter code 13thManSports1 to get started for all your CPL betting needs. (Never bet what you can't afford to lose)
  1. Up The North! HFX midfielder, Aidan Daniels
  2. Another 2-4: Canada's Missing Mexico
  3. It's A Team Sport: We Offend The Defense
  4. Up The North! Vancouver FC's First Overall Pick, Anthony White
  5. Another 2-4: Edmonton's River Still Runs Strong

Meet the Team!

Michael McCall

Podcast Host, Writer

Paul McNulty

Podcast Host, Editor, Writer

CFL, NFL, NHL and soccer fan. Based in British Columbia. Originally from Scotland.

Andrae McRae

Podcast Host