CEBL Jersey Rankings

CEBL Jersey Rankings

Following up on Frankie’s CEBL logo ranking article that saw some teams unimpressed on where they fell, I feel like it’s time to look at the jerseys. This is going to review both home & away kits, so let’s get right to it.

7. Guelph Nighthawks

Guelph Nighthawks Home & Away Jerseys

The colours work together but as you’ll see through this article, they are the simplest and most plain jerseys in the CEBL. The side panels aren’t very creative and give off the vibe that they were a last-minute addition to the jersey to break up the solid colours. I also have a hard time figuring out which is the Nighthawks’ secondary colour. Is it black or white? I believe if they dropped the black on the Blue jersey and just had a blue and white home jersey, it would be a lot better.

6. Niagara Riverlions

Niagara River Lions Home & Away Jerseys

I’ll get it started off by saying that I love the colourway, the navy blue, neon green and white are fantastic, they compliment each other perfectly without looking like the jersey got attacked by a highlighter. With that being said, the jerseys themselves are boring, there is no creativity in the look of the jersey. I personally would love if they added some sort of Lion element to the jersey like claw marks on the side panels of the jersey. If they add a little more detail outside of the lines on the jerseys, they would skyrocket to the top of the list.

5. Ottawa Blackjacks

Ottawa BlackJacks Home & Away Jerseys

Sliding in at 5, The Ottawa BlackJacks executed what both the Nighthawks and River Lions failed to do. The black, red, and white colours are one of the most overused colourways in sports. It’s the prominent colourway for Ottawa sports, but they were able to execute the side panels of the jersey perfectly. The side panels create the overall look of these jerseys and if they were anything less, these jerseys would be ranked last in the league.

4. Edmonton Stingers

Edmonton Stingers Home & Away Jerseys

Navy blue and yellow, a colourway you don’t see very much in professional sports but the Edmonton Stingers deserve credit for making it work with these jerseys. They aren’t the only team to ditch the traditional dark colour and white colour jersey in the CEBL but they took a risk with the bright yellow and it paid off. The side panels on the jersey don’t look out of place and do a good job at breaking up the solid front of the jersey.

3. Hamilton Honey Badgers

Hamilton Honey Badgers Home & Away Jerseys

The Hamilton Honey Badgers took a risk running a yellow base, black pinstripe jersey. Most teams would take the conservative route and do a black base with a yellow pinstripe and a white with black pinstripe. They took a classic colourway, a classic look and hit a game-winning three with these jerseys.

2. Fraser Valley Bandits

Fraser Valley Bandits Home and Away Jerseys

This one might be a hot take but the Fraser Valley Bandits nailed it with these jerseys. Joining the Edmonton Stingers and Hamilton Honey Badgers as the only three teams to step away from the traditional white jersey coming out with the bold orange jersey. What makes these jerseys work is the orange, it’s not a highlighter orange so it doesn’t hurt your eyes but it’s still a bold orange and works perfectly with the shade of navy blue they use.

1. Saskatchewan Rattlers

Saskatchewan Rattlers Home & Away Jerseys

Coming in number 1, the Saskatchewan Rattlers have the cleanest jerseys in the CEBL. The only way these jerseys would be better would be if they decided to switch the white for their cream/beige secondary colours. The side panelling on these jerseys plus the colourway is what makes either of these jerseys a must-buy for any basketball jersey lover.

Overall, all seven CEBL teams have clean-looking jerseys, the league and New Era have done a very good job executing the designs and colourways for each team.

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