Jordan Wilson: Forever a Nine Stripes legend

Jordan Wilson: Forever a Nine Stripes legend

Jordan Wilson, footballer by day and OneSoccer host by night, has retired from the sport at age 31. Well, I should be more specific: his career playing the game has come to a close, but his time in and around soccer is most definitely not being put to sleep. You see, Jordan Wilson is someone who absolutely loves the game. 


When York United was in their down stretch last season, Wilson was still smiling, taking it match-by-match but never ceasing to try and motivate his teammates. After a brutal 2-0 loss to Forge on July 8th, he was telling the media about how he encouraged his side to go “that extra 10%, because that’s all we need.” 

Even when the times were tough, Wilson held it together. Although the struggle was real, he was able to convey his eagerness to win not by throwing a chair and losing his head but by telling it as it is, and sending subtle messages to his squad. He stated, in the same presser, “I don’t want to play meaningless games for three months.” Wilson echoed what I’m sure many of the players were thinking but maybe didn’t want to say.

Jordan Wilson celebrates scoring a last minute winner against Ottawa in 2021 (YORK UNITED FC/DAVID CHANT)

All at the same time his first child was going to be welcomed into the world in the week after the 905 derby. He took that as an extra reason to find form, and Wilson scored thrice following the big occasion, despite putting up a goose egg prior to that day in 2022.

Outside of York, where he was introduced in electric green (though he never played in a contest where he was wearing a badge reading “York9”), Wilson was a constant for Nyköbing FC from 2015-16 to 2019-20, accumulating a remarkable 120 appearances. In his initial year with Nyköbing, he helped a promotion effort that landed the club a spot in the Danish second division, where they are today and where they were when Wilson departed.


As a Mississauga native, Wilson is an athlete who came home and did so with pride. He wasn’t a member of the club, he was the club. Or at least he and Diyaeddine Abzi were, a one-two box-to-box punch. 

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Regardless, there are not many people you can say that about. He truly loved the team and saw the Canadian Premier League not as a platform to get back to higher heights abroad, but as home. Wilson was so passionate about his team that during a radio broadcast where he was commentating alongside Eoin O’Callaghan, an Osaze De Rosario goal got him jumping not only out of his seat but accidentally dropping the f-bomb in his jubilant cheering.


He wore his heart on his sleeve and the club crest was why it was beating once Wilson suited up in blue and green. A vital part of the team not just off the field, Wilson leaves a gaping hole in the midfield and large shoes to fill. He played with defence at the front of his mind but was never shy to make a run and try to head a ball home. It’s going to be strange tuning into matches and not seeing “Wilson” accompanied by the number four on the back of a kit.

All in all, Jordan Wilson’s legacy at York will be felt for a while. He is a perfect picture of what the Nine Stripes represent.

Jordan Wilson (centre) is embraced by teammates after scoring against FC Edmonton (photo by David Chant)

Saying goodbye is a strong reaction. I know this won’t be the last fof J-dub, so I’ll bid adieu just for now, because this is not a goodbye, but rather a “see you later.”

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  1. As his highschool soccer coach (Willie) as we effectionatley called him not only led our schhol to our first ROPSAA championship that are first OFSAA appearance. Also a soccer legendary School community is captain’s band still sits in our trophy case. A delightful enthusiastic footballer, but Jordan is even a better human being!! All the best Jordan and I’ll be watching The familiar personality grow on television….. Cheers!

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