Forge Vs Valour: An Expected Dip in Results, If Not Form

Forge Vs Valour: An Expected Dip in Results, If Not Form

Well, a lot of Forge fans got a little ahead of themselves after the dismantling of York. (Sorry, total dismantling)

Forget it, Jake. It’s Valour FC. (Ripped off from the classic Jack Nicholson flick, Chinatown)

I’m not saying that Valour FC is practicing witchcraft, but they definitely have some mystical ability to raise their game against Forge. As I nodded to in my last article where I wrote:


“But step one was always opening the floodgates. Now it’s time to hammer (checks notes) Valour FC. Ok, so maybe it won’t be a massive run…” (This is the literary equivalent of patting my own back)

Forge eeked out a 3-2 victory against Valour at the Coffee Grounds earlier this year, and lost to them on the road. But as all hardcore homers in the Hammer know, Valour are historically Forge’s toughest nut to crack.

Forge vs Valour – Forge FC / CPL

Of course, it doesn’t help that Forge is less than terrifying for visitors at home this year with a 2-4-2 record. The home form is still a nebulous glob of shapeless haplessness.

However, the road form is the best in the league at 4-1-3. But even that includes Forge becoming the first-ever Home Victory for the other VFC (who remain undefeated against the champs after their earlier draw at Tim Horton’s Field).


It seems two teams have found the secret to success versus Forge, it’s all in the initials.

Ok, deep breaths. All those questions from the first half of the season could come creeping back. Especially since Forge outshot Valour 19-5. Unfortunately, the advantage was only 4-2 in shots on goal. And by my count four Forge headers from inside of the six-yard box missed the frame.

But the Hammers’ wastefulness was forgiven by fans in the stands because of an officiating decision.

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Yes, the biggest talking point was a VFC gift from the officials. Terran Campbell seemed to be played onside by a defender who was out of the play, but closest to the Referee’s Assistant. But it’s not what the fans think, but what the officials call – that matters. So no goal.

(Interruption to the article: Two points I want to make regarding officiating. Mistakes happen, especially at real speed. It seems many fans are spoiled by the highest echelon of soccer officiating that they watch weekly on TV. Should we hope for a perfectly officiated game? Sure. Should we expect it in a nearly five-year-old league? I’d say not yet…or ever.


And if anyone calling for VAR is not doing it ironically then they need to take some deep, calming breaths. It ain’t gonna happen, cuz money.

But it also would be awful. This is a gate-driven league. The joy in it is being in the moment, at the stadium. Suspending celebrations, or even worse maybe, overturning them, is, at this time in the league’s history, counterproductive. Let’s just enjoy what we have for a while.

And as you all know well, the Premier League, and all other leagues with VAR, have all been declared “controversy-free!”

Now back to the article).

Forge seemed fired up by the call. Getting robbed of a goal hyper-focuses the offence a lot of times. And of course, the red-hot Terran Campbell was not to be denied. He would chip the ‘keeper wonderfully in the 67th minute.

Of course that set VFC to work, and it was a wonderfully-worked corner met by former Forge FC defender Klaidi Cela that split the points in the end. (Complete with the obligatory shushing of the Supporters Section from Kian Williams).

So what does this result mean for Forge?


Well, it was definitely a missed opportunity for the boys in orange to climb the table and to announce that the second half of the season is their time to dominate.

But if you’ve watched enough Forge football you know what they are capable of, so it is no time to get nervous. Hold your mettle.

But you will also know of course, that this is Valour, and they give Forge nothing…except maybe fits.

Forge can now get back to focusing on the title, and hoping to avoid the VFCs in the playoffs.

Game Notes:

Terran Campbell has climbed to the top of the goal-scoring charts and would be there all alone if not for a close call on what would have been his first goal of the game.

Forge fell back into third place with the red-hot Cavalry FC climbing the charts.

Forge play their next game against league leaders and current slump sufferers PFC. This has the opportunity to be a heavyweight tilt at the top of the table.

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