The Stupidity of Baseball’s Unwritten Rules

All sports have some kind of unwritten rules among players, whether it’s not being allowed to take liberties with other teams star players, needing to fight when you make a dirty hit in hockey, or giving possession back to a team after they kick it out of bounds to have an injured player be lookedContinue reading “The Stupidity of Baseball’s Unwritten Rules”

Trevor Bauer, Fernando Tatis Jr. Share Exchanges After Padres vs Dodgers Clash

On March 6, Trevor Bauer pitched with one eye closed during a spring training game in a game against the San Diego Padres. On April 24th, Fernando Tatis Jr. saw a chance to get back at him. He hit the second pitch of the game deep. He then proceeded to turn to his dugout withContinue reading “Trevor Bauer, Fernando Tatis Jr. Share Exchanges After Padres vs Dodgers Clash”

It’s Time For MLB to Introduce Robot Umpires

Baseball has always had a hard time getting with the times and that has left them playing catchup when compared to other sports, but when it comes to robot officials. they have a chance to make history and use them in a game. One of my favourite-baseball related Twitter accounts is @UmpScorecards and you shouldContinue reading “It’s Time For MLB to Introduce Robot Umpires”

Ottawa Forced To Wait For Another Chance At Baseball

Ottawa’s hope to have baseball in the city in 2021 were derailed before the train even left the station when the club announced that they would be sitting out the 2021 Frontier League season due to the increasing numbers in COVID-19 and border issues between Canada and the United States. “With the continued closure ofContinue reading “Ottawa Forced To Wait For Another Chance At Baseball”

MLB The Show 21 Review

I have long believed that MLB The Show is the best sports game available on the market, and that hasn’t changed with the new version of the game, MLB The Show 21. I got my hands on the game four days early thanks to the pre-order bonus on the special editions of the game andContinue reading “MLB The Show 21 Review”