Redblacks’ Training Camp Kicks Off With a Day of Meetings & Workouts

Redblacks’ Training Camp Kicks Off With a Day of Meetings & Workouts

CFL training camps finally opened on Saturday and while other teams around the league opted to hit the field right away, the Redblacks optioned to make day number one all about meetings. It was a beautiful day both because of the weather and because CFL football has finally returned.

As far as information on what went on during the meetings, you would have better luck trying to get a bull through a fine china shop than getting any information. Players came in and out of the stadium in groups sharing some laughs and general excitement to be back. Some of the younger players walked around the stadium taking it all in by snapping some selfies and looking out over the stadium.

Redblacks Training Camp Day 1 / Frankie Benvenuti – 13th Man Sports

Excitement was in the air for everyone. After everything that has happened since November 2019 including the Blue Bombers Grey Cup win, hope for a 2020 season being dashed thanks to COVID-19, high hopes for a 2021 season only for it to be delayed, talks of merging with the XFL and threats of folding, the CFL is back on the field.

Additionally, the field at TD Place was replaced last summer and will be used for the first time tomorrow morning when the Redblacks take to the field for the first time this training camp. All indications are that the players like the feel of the new turf, a special kind of turf that is meant to increase performance and reduce injuries.

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