The Redblacks Released New Jerseys And They Are Very Different

The Redblacks Released New Jerseys And They Are Very Different

The Redblacks’ new white and red uniforms were one of the worst-kept secrets in the CFL, especially after the team announced that there would be a red-out game in the 2020 season. We don’t know if that red-out theme game will still happen, but we do know that the red jerseys are official and have already been unveiled now.

It’s a design that the Redblacks haven’t used before. They have brought red in as the dominant colour, something they haven’t done. These are certainly plenty different from what we are used to and I’m still undecided about the look, but I don’t hate it right away.

The Black Jersey Stays The Same

The Redblacks’ home black jersey has become somewhat of a staple in the closet of the team and fans alike since they were redesigned before the 2016 season and I’m glad to see that they didn’t change anything about the look. It’s simple and clean, tried and true for the franchise.

Thinking about what this jersey would have looked like had it been redesigned to the same template as the two new ones, I can’t imagine that I would have liked it better. There’s really not too much more to say about these considering they haven’t changed much, but they are still great nonetheless.

A Very Different Road Look

Here’s where the differences start, and boy oh boy are they ever big. The shoulders have been changed from white with a red stripe (much like the black jersey) to all red. Fans have been quick to point out the similarities with the Calgary Stampeders, but there are plenty of differences between the two.

The “Ottawa” on the front is big and bold unlike the Stampeders and the number is quite a bit different as well. The two main differences however come with the plaid trim around the jersey and the red names on the backside. Focusing on the plaid trim for a second, it is seen on the collar of the jersey, the sides of the jersey, and down the sides of the pants.

Some fans love the plaid and some hate it, but you can’t go to a Redblacks game without seeing it somewhere. As for the red name bars, that will take some getting used to. I’m hoping that the contrast will be enough that they can be seen on T.V. while watching games, but who knows. Going back to the Reebok days, the Redblacks weren’t known for their readable names and numbers. But, the red names are yet another difference from the Stampeders.

A Colour Not Seen Since 2015

There was a leak going around Twitter a couple of days ago that has been proven correct after today’s release. The red jersey features black shoulders in the same template as the white jersey and is yet again being compared to the Stampeders, but the two teams have the same colours, it’s hard to avoid that in football where you are so limited in your design.

The word “Redblacks” across the front is in all white, a change from the regular home look. It pops and stands out nicely against the red background. The white numbers accomplish the same thing. They should be easy to read and look really good. I didn’t like these jerseys when I saw them in the leak, but now that I have seen the full look, I’m a fan.

The pants are the same ones they use for the regular black home jersey but work for the occasion. I hoped to see some red pants come out with this, but the black ones will do. Overall, it’s a solid-looking jersey and uniform.

Final Thoughts

At first, I really didn’t like these jerseys. Every time there is change, it’s hard to take it head-on right away. As I continue to look at these, I have started to like them more and more. There’s no question that I will be adding both to my collection sooner rather than later, the only question now is who. Maybe Antoine Pruneau and either Matt Nichols or R.J. Harris. Who knows!?

Let us know what you think!

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