CFL Fantasy Week 1 Recap

CFL Fantasy Week 1 Recap

There are several accessible CFL-based pick ’em/fantasy products available to play at no charge, or for as little as 10 or 25 cents U.S. if you wish to cash on your knowledge daily or weekly. Here is my week 1 recap.

Offical CFL Pick ‘Em

I’m very impressed that Brian Lowe only considered one game an upset in week one, I’m looking forward to reading more of his stuff! I came in an abysmal 1-3 with negative 61 points for 4386th place out of 4992 entries. My only correct winner was the Riders. In fact, every team I picked this week was picked by a majority of fans.

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Just as a point of reference, in 2019, I hit on 151 of 167 games coming in the top 100 of all entries with a 90% correct pick total. Note, these games are straight, not against the spread.

First place for the week totalled 892 points and four-for-four picking winners. If you are not familiar with the scoring, each game requires three picks: one, who will win? Two, what is your confidence level for each game? And three, how many total points will be scored.

Official CFL Fantasy

Not much better for me here. The leader had 141.1 points with a lineup of Zach Collaros (19), James Wilder, Jr. (25.1), Brady Oliveria (15.7), Derel Walker (17.8), Kenny Lawler (22.9), Lucky Whitehead  (24.6) and the Bomber defense at 16.


My team scored 63.6 points for 5571st place out of 7780 entries. I had Trevor Harris (9), Sean Thomas-Erlington (6.6), Derel Walker, Shaq Evan’s (13.9), Mike Jones (4.7) and the Elks defence (6).


To see my report on the Lions/Riders Showdown Mode follow this link.

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I also played four entries for the full-slate four-game classic mode for week one.  

My top entry was good for 134th place (top 277 cash) out of 1189 entries. I had 103.58 points with Jeremiah Masoli (14.28), William Powell (13.5), Greg Ellingson (10.2), Kamar Jorden (19.5), James Wilder, Jr. (25.1), Nic Demski (12) and the Elks defence (9).

The winning entry went for 138.4 points in this contest. Cody Fajardo (18.8), Brady Oliveria (18.7), Shaq Evans (13.9), Jalin Acklin (22.8), Ricky Collins, Jr. (20.6), Lucky Whitehead (27.6) and the Bombers defence (16).


The two-game classic mode featured Saturday-only games. I came in 10th (nine cash), falling below the line when Wilder added yardage on the next-to-last play of the game. I had 86.68 points with Bo Levi Mitchell (15.08), John White IV (11.1), Walker (17.8), Greg Ellingson (10.2), RJ Harris (4), Kamar Jorden (19.5) and the Elks defence (9).  

The top score of 114.06 featured McLeod Bethel-Thompson (29.56), White, Walker, Ellingson and the Elks defence, and Wilder, along with John Huff (11.3).

SHOWDOWN MODE: Elks/Redblacks. 

I had a strong 2nd place finish (23 entries) with Trevor Harris (9), Walker, Wilder, Ellingson and Tim Flanders (5.6) for a 73.72 total. It was bested by an entry with 74.92 consistent of Harris, Walker, Wilder, Elks defence (9) and DeVonte Dedmon (8).


Week one is always tough because of the lack of current-year data, made even more of a challenge without preseason snaps this year. I was pleased to see a healthy Jorden get back to form and to see my other “sleeper” Timothy Flanders help close the game out with a couple decent late runs for Ottawa.

Ever the optimist, looking forward to week two!

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