Friday Nights in Louisiane – Week 9 High School Football Recap

Friday Nights in Louisiane – Week 9 High School Football Recap

Catholic vs Woodlawn showed that on any given Friday you can lose. Coming into the game Catholic was undefeated and number one in the state. A botched kickoff gave Woodlawn the ball right after they just had scored a touchdown to give them the lead. Woodlawn is a program with a lot of talent and I can see them making a run in the playoffs.

East Ascension vs Mckinley was more like a scrimmage than a Varisty game. Mckinley allowed 45 points and it would’ve been more but the clock was run the whole night.

Dutchtown was out to prove they were a team that could win. It was St Amant’s first game back in The Pit. It also was their homecoming. After a first half filled with running the fun was all in the second half. Cole Poirrier scored all three of the Gators’ touchdowns from inside the 5-yard line. He completed 15 of 24 passes for 178 yards and added 58 yards on the ground from 18 carries.

Week 10 will be a fun one with crosstown rivals St Amant and EA facing each other. The week is filled with traditions such as rolling which is the two schools roll each other’s houses with toilet paper throughout the game. Thursday night will be the annual shoutout which is when the schools compete to see who can get louder.

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