CFL Fantasy Football Preview – Week 16

CFL Fantasy Football Preview – Week 16

This is the final full weekend of CFL action so we have a couple games that could impact the eastern conference playoffs and a couple games without playoff implications.

Some teams are starting their regular complement of players while others sit their usual top performers.

In the DraftKings full-slate 4-game classic mode I’ve got Trevor Harris at pivot and William Stanback in the backfield as the Als look for a win and a Hamilton loss to get home field for next weekend’s eastern semis.

Looking for the Elks to finish on a high note, I have Armanti Edwards as a WR and Jalen Tolliver in a flex position.

My other flex is the always dangerous DeVante Dedmon.

My DST will be either the Alouettes or the Ticats as both are looking to lock down opponents, as they battle for home-field advantage.

I’m also looking at two different options for my other wide receiver.  The Stamps depth chart says Reggie Begleton will be starting, so he has to have consideration based on recent performance.  I’m not sure how much time Reggie will get or if he’s 100 percent, so I’m also giving Jake Wieneke consideration.

For the two-game classic mode on Saturday, I’m pairing Zach Collaros and Nick Demski and I’m starting Tim White or Kian Schafer-Baker as the other wideout, and the Ticat DST will get my start as well.

With Duke Williams out, Schafer-Baker should get sufficient targets. White has been one of the more consistent performers in Hamilton.

In years past, I’ve had success starting three RBs late season in classic mode, two of which filling the flex spots.  I’ve got Don Jackson, Roc Thomas, Johnny Augustine and Jamal Morrow to pick from, and any three of that crew feels like it will put me in a cash position.

The final play of the regular season is a Showdown mode matchup between the Bombers and Stamps on Saturday.

I’m taking the same approach as I have the last several weeks.  It brought some success, so why not? Again, this mode permits five picks, at least one from each team.

For my five positions, I always include both DSTs, the pivots, and the starting RBs for consideration. Then, I add 2 WRs, usually one from each team. This week that would mean Begleton and Demski.

That narrows it down to 8 for 5 spots. This gives us a path to build the lineup based on game scripts.  If you like the under, take the pivots, the defences and the RB for the team you think will win.  If you think it’s going over, pick the pivots, both WRs and the winning RB.

If you think either team will win easily, load up with four from that team and one from the other team. Usually, I suggest keeping both pivots in, but if you think this week will be a blow out you may want to start a 4-and-1 lineup that includes both RBs (Augustine and Thomas) and only your projected winner’s pivot (Mitchell or Collaros).

Enjoy the final weekend of the regular season, especially if you are a fan of one of the three teams who won’t be in the playoffs.

Finally, remember sometimes I make plays or play lineups other than I suggest here.

Hope to see you next week for the semifinals edition of CFL Fantasy Preview.

Let us know what you think!

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