New Logo and Livery for 13th Man Racing

New Logo and Livery for 13th Man Racing

Ahead of their inaugural race on Saturday night, 13th Man Racing is thrilled to unveil the team’s first logo and livery design. Both have been designed by Teejay Handley. You can contact him for work on his Twitter or via his Trading Paints page.

Starting with the logo, a few elements from 13th Man Sports’ new logo were borrowed and incorporated into the racing team’s logo. One of the big things that have stayed is the roman numerals making up the number 13. Additionally, the purple of the new logo comes to the racing team as well.

13th Man Racing logo

The sports car at the front of the logo represents the racing itself, of course. The team will primarily be racing the MBW M4 GT3, but occasionally, other cars will be used. The whole thing comes together to show a connection with the existing brand, but also stands tall by itself as a racing team.


On to the livery. The car has a base colour of chrome that immediately demands the attention of spectators. It’s flashy, it’s bold, and it’s different. The main design element on the car is a massive “13th Man” written from the door over the back wheel of the car. It leaves no question as to who we are.

The team’s logo is featured on the hood of the car and makes use of the limited space available. Finally, the website name and our social media platforms are listed on the side skirt and on the bumper. Overall, the car bridges the gap between what a sports car and a stock car would look like. It serves as a great foundation for our brand new eSports team.

You can catch 13th Man Racing’s first race event on Saturday night at 9 p.m. et as they tackle the Detroit Grand Prix at Belle Isle.

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