CFL Fans Express Frustration With CFLPA’s Strike

As the clocks on the east coast ticked towards midnight, the CFLPA sent a memo to their players to start a work stoppage for seven of the nine teams. While negotiations fell apart, fans made their voices heard, and to say that no one was overly happy with the news would be an understatement.


CFL Fans Unhappy

Here’s a sample of how some fans reacted to the news.


Media Members Show Frustration

It wasn’t just fans that showed their frustration, however. Current and former media members had their voices heard, and it’s clear that they feel much the same way the fans do.


A Glimmer of Hope?

If there’s anything positive to come out of this, it’s that TSN’s Farhan Lalji believes a resolution will come quickly.

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1 thought on “CFL Fans Express Frustration With CFLPA’s Strike”

  1. The strike is insane. Do both sides not realize that if they lose another year that it will be the end of the cfl !

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