Ranking the CJFL Logos – PFC Edition

Ranking the CJFL Logos – PFC Edition

The Canadian Junior Football League is a great level of football for many players across Canada, and thanks to Andrew Harris, a former member of the league’s British Columbia Football Conference, there’s hope that more players could make the CJFL to CFL jump and be stars. The CJFL is broken up into three conferences, and for this logo ranking, we will be focusing on the Prairie Football Conference. Of the league’s projected top 50 players for 2022, 21 of them are members of the PFC, showing that Canadian football pride runs deeper than just the CFL and U Sports in the prairies.

At a later date, hopefully not too far off into the future, we will come back and take a look at both the BCFC, and Ontario Football Conference (OFC), and maybe, we will even come back for a top five across all of the leagues. Who knows? But for now, let’s take a look at what the PFC has to offer.


6. Regina Thunder

This is a choice that I anticipate getting some heat for. This is a logo that, I believe, some people would have towards the top of their list, and others, like myself, would put it right at the bottom. It’s really just a matter of what you like.

For me, the colours are really what stops this from working, in my opinion. The maroon, blue, and black mix is very dark, and even with the pop of white in the person’s face and the silver in the hat, it’s still too dark for my liking.

We also have to mention, the team is called ‘Thunder,’ and their logo is what appears to be a cowboy riding a lightning bolt. Thunder isn’t an easy thing to represent with pictures, and you will often see a lightning bolt, but a cowboy? I can’t say that’s one I have ever thought of.

Is this a bad logo? No, it’s certainly not terrible, but the PFC has a lot of really good-looking logos, and the Thunder are the ones getting left behind in this list.


5. Winnipeg Rifles

At first look, this is a solid logo. The colours are great and the text looks fine, even though text is usually something I dislike. But you can’t help but think that you have seen this before, and you would be right. This is essentially just the Winnipeg Blue Bombers logo, with a Winnipeg Rifles wordmark slapped across the front of it.

If not for that fact, this logo would likely be up towards the top of the list, actually. It’s classy, and it’s not too in-your-face, but it looks really good.

Perhaps the oddest thing about the Rifles is that their uniforms don’t share the same colours as their logo. The uniforms are primarily grey and black, and then add the royal blue and gold in the numbers. Once again, that’s something I would normally dislike, but for the Rifles, it’s actually pretty cool.

All things considered with this logo, it’s not bad. For as good as it is, however, I would love to see them take on an identity of their own, rather than borrowing from the Blue Bombers.


4. Edmonton Huskies

Sure, if you don’t like this, it’s just a derpy dog, but I have a soft spot for old-school, hand-drawn logos, and this fits the bill perfectly. The husky is imperfect, and it looks odd at some points, but that’s a part of the charm.

Additionally, the colour scheme of this logo is simply incredible, and both the black and gold lend themselves nicely to the Huskies’ uniforms. If we come back and rank uniforms, you can bet the Huskies will be near the top.

There isn’t too much else to go over with this logo, and if you’re not a fan of the hand-drawn style, you’re probably screaming about how ugly this is. I love it, so we’re ending the lower half of this list on a seriously strong note.


3. Saskatoon Hilltops

Yes, iconic does make a logo nicer, at least in my opinion. To be clear, this logo isn’t only here because it’s iconic, it’s here because it’s just a beautiful logo.

This team has been around for nearly 80 years, and you can just feel the history in their logo. It’s simplistic, and still has that 1950s feel to it. The ‘H’ is wonderfully simple, and the banner at the bottom with ‘Hilltops’ in it pulls it all together. And who doesn’t love the old-school football there too?

You have to also talk about the colours in this logo. Yellow and blue is a colour scheme that not everyone can pull off, and if done wrong, it screams ‘Lego,’ but the Hilltops are one of the teams who have absolutely nailed it.

Sometimes, simple is better, and sometimes, a team’s best logo is the one they have had from the start. It would be hard to imagine the Hilltops using anything else.


2. Calgary Colts

As you are about to find out, teams that have logos featuring just one colour (besides white) are among my favourite logos ever. To start, the Calgary Colts combine red and white, still fitting the Calgary scheme, while creating a creative negative space colt inside of a football.

Much like the Hilltops, the logo is simple, and would even work nicely if you took the football away. The text is also done beautifully, with a font that fits the theme of the team and Calgary itself.

The colours are great, the logo is pleasing to look at, and everything works. It’s near perfection, but it’s not quite enough to take the top spot.


1. Edmonton Wildcats

This isn’t just the best logo in the PFC, it is clearly the best logo in the conference by some margin, at least in my opinion.

There isn’t a single thing wrong with this logo, truthfully. First of all, the colours are really nice, and the navy blue and white play off one another really nicely.

The cat itself is done with a minimalistic style, but there are some interesting elements, including the ruffles on the neck and in the ear. The head alone is nice, but that isn’t it.

A ribbon that stretches from the top right corner of the logo down to the bottom left gives the logo some nice shape, and really pulls the whole thing together. The “Wildcats Football” wordmark fits nicely and just works perfectly. This is a cracking logo, nothing else can be said.


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