Atletico Ottawa: From Worst to First

Atletico Ottawa: From Worst to First

Atletico Ottawa clinch first place in the 2022 Canadian Premier League season. With a game in hand, Ottawa has completed the comeback story of the year. From last place in the 2021 season to first place in 2022 Ottawa has completed the near impossible.


During the 2021 season, the only trophy Ottawa walked away with was the wooden spoon. Having only 26 points comprising of six wins, eight draws and fourteen losses and a goal difference of -17 which landed them in last place. Ottawa flips the table and ends up first in 2022.

Midfielder Ollie Basset has played an integral role in Ottawa’ season (Brandon Taylor / Forge FC / CPL)

Due to Cavalry winning 1-0 against Pacific, thus stopping any threat from Pacific of leapfrogging Ottawa. Ottawa is now guaranteed first place and home-field advantage. Ottawa has to wait until tomorrow’s results to find out who they play in the first round of the playoffs with their opponents either being Pacific or Forge, depending on if Forge wins against HFX Wanders tomorrow. 


Ottawa makes the impossible happen after an offseason where they gutted their team and fired their coach. Ottawa had only seven players return from the 2021 season and hired a new coach in the form of Carlos Gonzalez. This team has been turned around this season. Becoming regular season champions will almost surely cement Carlos Gonzalez place as a coach of the year.

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Ottawa goes into their final game of the 2022 season with 10 clean sheets, 13 wins, 9 draws and only 5 losses so far with still a game to play. And a goal difference of +7 which overall is a major improvement in all categories compared to last season. 

Ottawa become the third team to be crowned CPL regular season champions (CPL)

Ottawa now has home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, with the second leg of the first round played at home and possibly the final played at home as well. The supporters of Ottawa can not wait for this opportunity and will surely be out in force for their final game against York on Sunday, October 9, and in the playoffs, making TD Place a rough place to play for any opposing team.

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