Which Stadium Is Easiest To Win At

Which Stadium Is Easiest To Win At

One way to gauge how interesting/entertaining a league is to see how many goals are scored during the regular season. For the most part, the more goals that are scored, the more entertaining a game is, at least for many fans (sorry, lovers of defence). This can also be said that the more goals per game scored (especially by the home team), the higher attendance is, as people love to go see a winning team. 


Now that the 2022 CPL season has wrapped up, it’s possible to take an in-depth look at how many goals were scored across the league, and by each team. This also makes it possible to see how each team did defensively, and to see which stadium is the easiest to score at, and which is the hardest ground to score at.

StadiumGoals ScoredGoals ConcededDifference
Wanderers Ground13218
TD Place14195
York Lions17203
Time Horton’s Field241212
IG Field15105
ATCO Field21138
Clarke Field20211
Starlight Stadium22184

Often times it’s assumed that the home team will score the most goals, but out of the eight CPL teams, that’s only true for half of them. HFX Wanders, Atletico Ottawa, York United, and FC Edmonton all conceded more goals than they scored at their home stadia, with Halifax Wanders scoring the least amount of goals for a home team in the league, with just 13. On the other side, Forge, Valour, Cavalry, and Pacific all scored more goals home than what they conceded, with Forge scoring the most home goals of any team, with 24. 

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One surprising stat here is when it comes to goals conceded at home. Valour only conceded 10 goals at home all season, which is the best in the league, followed by Forge with 12, and Cavalry with 13. On the other end is Edmonton and Halifax tied for most goals conceded at home with 21 each, followed by York with 20. 


In total, 146 goals were scored by the home side this season, with 134 goals being conceded at home during the regular season, for a grand total of 280 goals scored during the 2022 CPL season. An additional 12 goals were scored by the home side then conceded this season. On average, each team scored 1.3 goals at home per game, and conceded 1.19 goals per game at home.

StadiumTotal GoalsAverage Goals Per GameAverage Home Goals Per GameAverage Away Goals Per Game
Wanderers Ground342.420.921.5
TD Place332.3511.35
York Lions372.641.211.42
Tim Hortons Field362.571.710.85
IG Field251.781.070.71
ATCO Field342.421.50.92
Clarke Field422.921.421.5
Starlight Stadium402.851.571.28

Taking a deeper look at the stats to see where it is easier to score shows some interesting results. The ground with the more amount of goals scored is Clarke Field, home of FC Edmonton, with 41 total goals scored, followed by Starlight Stadium, home of Pacific with 40 total goals scored. On the other side, the stadium with the least amount of goals scored is IG Field, home to Valour with only 25 total goals, followed by TD Place, which is home to Atletico Ottawa, with 33. 

Even though FC Edmonton did not win many games this year (they won just four), they still managed to score a bunch of goals at home with 20, but they also conceded a lot of goals at home with 21, as well. When a game was played at Clarke Field, 2.92 goals on average were scored, with 1.42 goals for FC Edmonton, and 1.5 goals for the away team. 


Forge had the highest average home goals per game (unsurprisingly), with 1.71 per game. Followed by Pacific with 1.57 home goals per game. The highest average away goals per game goes to Wanderers Grounds home to HFX Wanders, and Clarke Field which tied for 1.5 away goals conceded per game, which adequate reflections their positions in the regular season standings of 8th and 7th place. 

Overall, the easiest stadium to go to and win at home would most likely be Tim Horton’s Field, due to it having the highest number of home goals scored with 24. The easiest stadium to go to and win away from would-be Clarke Field. The hardest stadium to win at home is Wanderers Grounds, with only 13 home goals scored all season, while the hardest stadium to win away at is IG Field with only 10 away goals all season.

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