The CPL Schedule Drop: What Does it Mean For Forge FC’s Season?

The CPL Schedule Drop: What Does it Mean For Forge FC’s Season?

The schedule is out, the schedule is out! What does it mean for Forge’s chances? Honestly, no idea. I don’t know who the new guys are on Forge yet. I haven’t heard from a couple key players about their return. But I can guess where the season it will be fun. Check out the list below!


Season Opener

Daniel Krutzen battles with a Cavalry player over possession of the ball (Photo: Forge FC Hamilton / Brandon Taylor / Jojo Yanjiao Qian)

Forge plays Cavalry the first edition of The Rivalry 2023 at Tim Horton’s Field to kick off the season. This game is always good for the soul. It is a test right off the hop too because, as always, Cavalry is no slouch. The core for Forge and the Cavs are back, so this may come down to who picks up the best new piece(s). Forge at home is always a good bet, but it will be close, loud, and probably controversial in some way. Circle this one for sure.


First Away Day

Josh Heard, Kwasi Poku and Noah Jensen battle for possession (Photo: Josh Kjarsgaard/Pacific FC)

The first Forge away day is no joke either. Off to the west coast to play the league’s only other champion. (Pipe down Atletico and Cavalry fans. We have a craft-supply-store paper cut out too, somewhere I assume, not that anyone around here would care. Because no serious football mind will count those until a season begins where we know it is a thing before the season started obviously). Pacific FC will have already played their new rival, but geography doesn’t guarantee anything…looking at you York! So a battle of former champions is a good enough excuse to add this one to the fun file. Plus, any chance to get out to Starlight specifically, and the Island generally is a no-brainer.


The 905 Derby (aka Nothing-about-this-is-fan-driven Derby)

Woobens Pacius looks to cut out a York United cross (Jojo Qian/Forge FC)

This one is cool because a Friday night away day that you can pull a lot of fans down to is always a blast. Post-game trip into the city’s bars (if they were closer. I kid because I love it). But also a chance to see Mo again. And he will be leading a team that is really going for those playoffs. This will be a fun, first big away day for fans. And if all goes to plan, it will kick off a bit of a rivalry as York really wants into the big boys club.


The New Guys Come to Town

Callum Irving, Pacific FC – Sheldon Mack

New toys are fun. So this shiny new team will be exciting too. Callum Irving coming back to the Coffee Grounds with a new team that he can regale with stories of heroism and championship swagger, will make him a big hit. Hopefully, he will have to pick the ball out of the net a few times with an all new team just learning about each other. And of course it’s a chance to trade someone for a new scarf for your collection, though unlikely there will be many travelling supporters. Best to look for the away players’ family section.

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The Last Game of the Season

Brian Wright, Atletico Ottawa – Tim Austen / Freestyle Photography

Against possibly Forge’s new rivals. I say possibly because they haven’t exactly put in the work. Sure they “won” the regular season league title* (*but either the disallowed Bekker goal or the illegal-man-in-the-wall Ollie goal, being called correctly would have made us “regular season champs”. Knowing it even existed might have changed mindsets about pushing for it, rather than resting injured/tired players….but I digress). The reason this one could be amazing is because it may be for something huge, like a playoff spot. Or better yet a Champions League place. Of course, it could be for neither, as those things could be sewn up by then. And then it would just be for bragging rights in a rivalry. But unless something drastic happens in the earlier three meetings, this won’t be a rivalry. Only one win against Forge in their history and never a win against Forge in Ottawa, means this is far from a rivalry…yet. (They even failed to ride the wave of a record crowd packing the house for them in the finals). No, rivalries need to grow year over year, showing up in the finals once doesn’t cut it. (Sorry HFX).


Special Mentions

Any away game in Halifax is worth marking on the calendar. Ever since Forge’s first-ever away day Halifax has been the bucket list away day for Forge fans. Those who have gone never shut up about it. Neither do those planning to go. It’s all becoming a bit of a headache. But add the new gaffer on the east Coast to the mix (who had a L1O rivalry with Sigma/Bobby), and you’ve just added even more appeal. So they get a shout. Hold me a ticket Marvin!

Woobens Pacius celebrates scoring against HFX at home. (The SPEC)

Last and definitely least is Valour FC. Any game against them home or away, should rank high. No team has a better record against us head-to-head than Valour. But the whole never been to the playoffs thing casts a pall over the festivities. Hopefully this is their year to make it to the promised land. But I have a fear that this is actually just the year that they become the second-best CPL team called VFC.

So that’s about it for my schedule watch. I am a horrible prognosticator. I am further disadvantaged by Forge keeping secrets better than CSIS (There’s some CanCon baby). So I will just venture to say that this is going to be fun. And booking flights is why I have to end this article early. Bye!

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