Distance Traveled By The CPL

Distance Traveled By The CPL

Canada is a big country over 5000km from coast to coast. Having one top-flight league in the country, that is spread out throughout the country means that large distances are going to be travelled. 


With the addition of Vancouver FC to the league the average distance travelled has gone up for all teams east of Vancouver but has actually gone down for Pacific FC. With a league average of 29,733.5km traveled per team, each team racks up a lot of air miles. 

The shortest distance traveled within the league is 64km between York United and Forge FC, while the longest is 4485km between Pacific and HFX. 

(Distance is measured roughly from the centre circle of each stadium in a straight line, then rounded to the nearest whole number)

Each team in this league travels impressive distances to play games, more than almost any other league on earth. When you add up how far each team travels over the course of the league (this is assuming each team travels to their away game, then back to their home stadium, and doesn’t travel to the next away game instead) you get huge numbers. The distance around earth at the Equator is 40,075km which is just 2,500km longer than what HFX does over the season, HFX travels 93.6% of the distance it would take to circle the earth once. 

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The team with the longest total distance traveled is HFX at 37,514km, with Pacific coming in second at 35,182km. This makes a lot of sense as each team are at the far ends of the country and have to travel 4485km to each other which adds up over the course of the season. 

HFX vs Pacific is one of the longest distances between teams in the same domestic league on earth (Sheldon Mack)

The team with the shorest total distance traveled is Valour at 24,424km, with York coming in at second with 25,154km traveled. Valour is able to travel the least because of their location in the centre of the country. While York is able to due to being close to both Forge and Atletico Ottawa. 


In total 237,868km is traveled by the CPL during the 2023 season, which in my mind is an astonishing number. This can get you 61% of the way to the moon, or around earth 5.9 times!

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