Get Your Butt into the Seats at your Local CPL Stadium this Weekend: It’s Time to Love Soccer Again

Get Your Butt into the Seats at your Local CPL Stadium this Weekend: It’s Time to Love Soccer Again

There are a ton of reasons to get out to your local CPL team’s season opener. And even more reasons to watch a bunch of games live this year. So let me give you some specific and general reasons to get out there! (You’re welcome in advance!)


Season Openers

Pay what you can – Atleti has nailed this initiative. You can see a game for whatever you can to pay in Ottawa. And the funds raised go to a good cause. And once you go you’ll be hooked. Good for them, and good for you too!

How about taking in a game, and taking home a gift? The fans in Hamilton are getting medals. Way to support your 12th Player Forge! Plus it provides a chance to jeer your most hated rivals too! Win-win!

How about a team’s first ever game! Vancouver FC is starting their first ever season with a BC Derby. That doesn’t happen every day. Get there. See a bit of history. Maybe even buy a half-and-half scarf! just kidding, never do that.

And with the start of a new rivalry, a reminder of the biggest rivalry. Forge vs Cavalry. They hate each other, and so do the fans. Not everything has to be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. A second reason to go to Tim Horton’s Field this weekend.

Forge fans celebrate winning a hard fought playoff tie against Cavalry (@forgefchamilton Twitter photo)

York and Valour. This is the reason they created a new playoff format. It seems like these two teams are always battling it out for the last seat at the playoff table. Let’s just dive right in then! Let the playoff hunt commence! (Cue trumpets).

21, 18, 12 and 13. I’m not trying to help you pick your lucky lottery numbers. (Cut me in if you win though). Those are the temperatures for opening day(s) games. Sure there may be a little rain here or there. But that’s all part of springtime soccer. (Sometimes it’s snow, so take the win).

These are all good reasons to head down to the season openers. So do it! You won’t regret it. Well you might, but face it you’ve made mistakes. That time in college. Sure your family, friends and some of the faculty forgave you, but did they ever really forget? Exactly. So is a soccer game ever going to rank very high on that list of shame you’ve created? Unlikely. So live it up. Get out and enjoy!

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And there are some other major reasons to go to games throughout the season. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

What Else You Gonna Do?

You, like many other potential CPL fans, likely live in a city that doesn’t have an MLS, MLB or Playoff-bound NBA/NHL team. But you still love sports!
So come on out. There is a big league feel to the games, while still retaining that “shop local” vibe that makes CPL soccer so personal. Come out and see what I mean.


Road Trips

There are 3 teams in Ontario. They have rivalries with each other and are drivable, with the right mindset. So hop in the car with some besties, pack some terrible snacks and blast your favourite tunes. Same goes for the West Coast. You have 4 games between a former champ and a first-time team to see. Yes please. That’s an extra cool factor.

Atlético Ottawa fans enjoyed a great day out when their fans packed York Lions Stadium in a 3-0 win away to York United (David Chant/CPL Photography)

Winnipeg, Calgary and Halifax, no trip is an easy one for you. So save up your pennies and take a flight, Swoop has some deals and flies between all the CPL cities. (Full disclosure – I know, cuz I’ve taken them. And now I work there – yeah, I am basically that hair club for men guy). Sure you could class it up on WestJet, the official CPL sponsor if you are a little more bougie (or boujee). Visit each other and experience a little Canadiana along the way. Totally worth it.

Three Different Things to Play For

Sometimes your favourite sports team just doesn’t look like a regular season championship-calibre squad. Oh well, there is always next year. But that’s not the CPL way. Maybe you can still make a Canadian Championship run. Being the Champions of Canada is nothing to look down on. Do you think your better than us? You’re not. (Maybe you are, I don’t really know you. But after that college thing…)


Or maybe you can just sneak into the number 5 slot and enjoy an against the odds playoff run! Don’t give up hope, you may find your path is the road less travelled this year. (That’s right, this year 5 teams make the playoffs. So hold on to hope! Looking at you Valour fans).

Don’t Miss Out

Look, the CPL is a blast. Loud and lovely supporters groups. Quality soccer. Great storylines. Family memories. Unforgettable moments. Face-painters…probably…somewhere. I have bumped into pirates (actually Privateers), fans in goalie masks, exuberant hosts, gregarious guests, proud parents of new professionals, and on a couple of occasions – the commissioner himself. (Hey, Mr. Noonan, Mark. Call me if your reading this. I’m not sure your people are giving you my messages. And I have a question about this protection order?).

The Canadian Premier League championship at TD Place drew nearly 15,000 fans. (Aaron Reid/CTV News Ottawa)

I don’t know what your plans are this weekend. Or for most game days throughout the soccer season. But I can assure you whatever they are, they pale in comparison to CanPL gameday festivities. And if you don’t have a great time, then it was most likely something you did. Seriously, have a look at your behaviours. Just kidding…kind of. But hey, you deserve a day of just doing something special for you and your closest pals.

Come on out, the first beer is on me!*

*Seriously, just the first one. So if you are the second reader to find me at a game, too late.

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