Vaughn Azzuri Stays Red-Hot in Matching Temperatures

Vaughn Azzuri Stays Red-Hot in Matching Temperatures

YORK LIONS STADIUM, TORONTO – Aside from water breaks in the 25th and 70th minute, there was no liquid associated with Vaughn Azzuri on a scorching day in North Toronto. That is due to a dominant performance where the champions hardly broke a sweat. As they cruised to a 2-0 victory over city rivals Woodbridge Strikers, there was only further evidence that Carmine Isacco’s side could easily control the tempo of a match; offence or defence, working fast or slow, this can be their world.

It is certainly true that Vaughn’s attack was the main story coming out of Sunday afternoon’s contest. Headlined by the red-hot Omar Marzouk and Ryan Robinson, who claimed a brace, they were like a hot knife to butter. Particularly the former, who is one-half of a loaded right wing with fullback Sammy Ssebaduka. On multiple instances, he glided through defenders, dancing with twists and turns, freezing some of the opposition even. For Vaughn’s first goal, it was him that was the driving force. He showcased some true football IQ: taking touches and waiting out a shot until he could find some open space, before driving the ball forward. Woodbridge goalkeeper Alexander Pothemont couldn’t handle the attempt, and it dribbled slowly to Robinson at the back post, tapping home the easiest goal of his life.


Robinson’s next goal was much more of a fabulous finish individually. A perfectly-timed run to remain onside led to a flick over Pothemont, who could only watch as the ball bounced into the netting. Balls over the top were relatively common for both sides, but for different reasons. Vaughn, in a 4-1-4-1, were simply looking for more attempts at goal, frequently on quick turnarounds, whereas Woodbridge had to cope with taking advantage purely on counter-attacks. For the early parts of the match, the players donning Sampdoria-esque kits made it difficult for Vaughn to sustain possession. There was promise, especially between Greg Molopoulos and striker Ryley Wishart, highlighted by a breakaway saved with difficulty by Alessio Carbone. He was filling in for one of League1 Ontario’s best, Gianluca Catalano.

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Other than that, Woodbridge was efficiently taken out of the game. By the time the match had entered its final stages, Vaughn were passing amongst themselves with little ambition to build something up just by themselves, the Strikers could challenge Carbone more. But the primary reason why they couldn’t for much of the game was the poor positioning. Wishart deserves some credit as he did his best down the wings and down the middle, the problem being he was the lone athlete doing that. With no one in the middle, they were challenged in capitalizing. Robinson’s first goal was the flip side to it, proving how valuable a man in the middle can be.

Backed up on defence with little time for breathing, Woodbridge were growing frustrated going into the break, with their strings being pulled and just toys to play around with. Chris Campoli, the CAM, was somehow relentless in high-pressing despite the intense heat. He did nearly win a ball late on but his touch was too heavy on the interception.


Sammy Ssebaduka, a call-up, was quite impressive. A lanky lightning bolt, he managed to draw fouls, like many other Azzuri late on, further shortening Woodbridge’s temper. Although set-piece magic wasn’t on the cards for them, it swung the pendulum a few more times in their direction. Woodbridge could maybe expand on that for future occasions, when the opponent isn’t as tough and fully-fledged professional. They could get very positive chances and runs if more space went their way instead of quality players like Vaughn captain Raheem Rose in the way.

With only five matches played due to a short spell in the Canadian Championship, Vaughn continues to show they are the cream of the crop. It will be dangerous for other clubs, they will have to keep an eye over their shoulder as the still-undefeated-after-multiple-years side has games in hand. A dominant performance (although finishing should be improved and it wasn’t the best for their standards) playing to ahalf-decent Woodbridge squad is simply a reminder of whose town this is.

Look out, that might be Marzouk dribbling with intent and passion toward you.

Top photo by David Chant

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