20 Reasons to Watch the World Cup in AUS-NZ

20 Reasons to Watch the World Cup in AUS-NZ

The World Cup is upon us. Some of the greatest athletes in the women’s soccer-sphere are ready to roll. But maybe you’ve never watched a Women’s World Cup game before. Well here are a few reasons you should give it a shot!


1 – Canada Is There; And They Are a Powerhouse.

Remember how exciting it was to watch the CanMNT at their first World Cup in recent memory? Every kick has an element of hope. Young stars on the world stage playing professionally at major international club teams like Bayern, Lille and Porto. And even though in the end they bowed out meekly, there were moments when it all seemed possible.

The CWNT are capable of beating elite teams such as Germany, USA and Brazil. Something that can’t be attributed to the CMNT. (Photo by Alex Livesey – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Now imagine how amazing it would have been if they had been top ten ranked in the world; featured the world’s greatest international scorer; had one of the best keepers in the world; and counted players at historic sides like Juventus, Manchester United and the Portland Thorns amongst their numbers. Imagine no longer, that team is featuring this month. Tune in and watch a Canadian team with a real shot at greatness. There are no guarantees in sport, but there are opportunities.


2 – A World Cup Were Concacaf Matters

One team is the defending two-time champions looking for a three-peat. Another is the defending Olympic Gold Medalists. A record four more Concacaf sides are also coming along including two successful playoff winners. Panama and Haiti have earned their way in through inter-confederation playoffs, and Jamaica and Costa Rica are there as well. Look out world!

3“It’s Coming Home” is a Much More Likely Refrain Here

Every year the English fans chant this at World Cups featuring the men. But the world has long stopped believing it (If it ever did). But this Lionesses team has a real shot in this World Cup. And hey, wouldn’t that be funny for the ABE men’s crowd, but still fun for the England crowd! The English Women are the defending European Champions, and they look ready to roll.

4 – A Record Crowd for the History Books

Sure, we can’t all be there in New Zealand or Australia for the opening kick-off, but we can all be there virtually through television screens and the magic of streaming to our devices. And with 80,000 fans expected for Australia’s first match, we all kinda want the opportunity to say where we were when that record-breaking game kicked off!

Australia beat Ireland 1-0 in front of 75,784 fans at Sydney’s Stadium Australia (IMAGO/Inpho Photography/Ryan Byrne)

5 – Crazy Hours

Some of theses games are going to be at magical times. One of Canada’s matches is going to be at 7:30 pm PST. Prime Time on the West Coast! Does that ever happen? And you may not have to call in sick for the 6am EST start for one of our other group stage matches, you can watch it with a pint (in the second half in Ontario) at breakfast time. Magic!

6 – It’s the Biggest One Ever

This will be the largest field in Fifa Women’s World Cup history. This year marks an expansion to 32 teams from 24. More games, more excitement, more goals! And that leads us to the next thing…


7 – First-Timers

Eight teams will be making their debuts at the World Cup in 2023. They include: Haiti & Panama (Concacaf), The Philippines & Vietnam (AFC), Portugal & The Republic of Ireland (UEFA) and Zambia & Morocco (CAF). Seeing teams qualify for the first time adds a bit of the unknown. Will there be blowouts? Probably, but there is also hope for at least 8 first ever World Cup victories. How cool is that?

Republic of Ireland’s players celebrate at Hampden Park after beating Scotland to qualify for the World Cup. (Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile/Getty Images)

8 – The Prize Money

Sure we don’t actually watch for the cash. But Fifa has announced that each player will receive $30,000 each. Then performance bonuses for how far the team goes add up on top. That makes this World Cup extremely professional. And that is really good, or really bad depending on how you feel on the whole capitalism thing. But it isn’t boring.

9 – The Kits

Some of the World Cup kits are amazing. Some are nightmares. Some are just, meh. But part of the fun for any big tournament is the kits and whether or not you want/need one of them in your closet. And a bonus, if you are Canadian you get a first look at what a bonafide World Class, World Cup kit should look like since the last time the CanXNT played in one. Sharp!

The Canada home kit is amongst the standout ps of the tournament FRANCK FIFE / AFP / Getty)

10 – Young Guns Stepping Up

An unfortunate part of the World Cup 2023 so far, is the spate of injuries to top class players heading into the tournament. Players like Sam Kerr, Janine Beckie and more will be missing for all, or part of the games. But that is an opportunity for others to step up. We’ll see who is able to stake a claim for themselves on some of the world’s best teams.

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11 – Standing Up to Federations

It is no secret that Canada’s XNT is in the midst of a battle for what they think is fair with the CSA. But they are not the only team butting heads with their federation. Nigeria, Jamaica and even England have faced financial disputes with their federations. And teams like Spain and France have had players strike against their head coaches, one of whom was removed. By far the worst situation is Zambia’s, where the head coach is under investigation for sexual assault. Women’s national teams face issues that men’s sides rarely face to the same level. For this reason it is important to keep the spotlight on the game.

12 – The Group of Death

Canada is part of the Group of Death. Arguably the toughest draw – against a tough Republic of Ireland side, a historically successful African side in Nigeria, and the host Australian side. Canadian fans will argue it is us in the group that makes it a group of death, but it will no doubt be tense. Every game matters in a short tournament like this, 3 games to stake your claim for the knockout rounds. Let’s see who has the goods.


13 – Project 8

Nothing tells the men in suits how important it is to start a professional WoSo league in Canada quite like viewership numbers, jersey sales and general hype. So let’s get those eyeballs on the prize so that investors start getting those chequebooks out. Canada is more than ready for the women’s pro game to start up. We have lots of potential investors and many different avenues to try. Let’s show them the supporters are here!

14 – Marta

Brazilian royalty. Marta has scored more World Cup goals than any other woman, even our own Christine Sinclair. She has legendary status in the game, and is still getting it done in the pro game with the Orlando Pride. She will look to add to that tally against, France, Jamaica and Panama this year, plus more in the Knockout rounds.

15 – The Rise of Africa

Nigeria are the usual powerhouse of CAF, winning 11 of the past 14 editions. But there is a new Sherriff in town. South Africa – the Banyana Banyana. The Golden Star Women Warriors of Morocco have arrived too. Zambia might be a way off from knock out stages, but who knows? This is why games aren’t played on paper.

South Africa’s players lift the trophy as they celebrate winning the 2022 Women’s Africa Cup of Nations final football match between Morocco and South Africa at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat on July 23, 2022 [Fadel Senna/AFP]

16 – Because We Love Soccer

Soccer is the World’s game. And nowhere is the women’s version bigger than North America. The USA is the heart of women’s soccer. Two-time defending champs USWNT are proof of that. Along with the NWSL. The NCAA soccer circuit. And the millions of girls who play the game at youth level. But Canada is a force too. Defending Olympic champs. A new pro league (hopefully) on the horizon. Home of the NWSL and Liga MX Feminil championship coaches. And also home to a lot of girls with World Cup dreams, one of the highest soccer registrations per capita. Mexico’s leagues are growing too, as I saw by watching Carmelina Moscato’s Tigres win in front of one heck of a crowd. We love soccer here. And this will help get us our fill of top level footy.

17 – The Time Has Come

Women have been playing competitive soccer for a very long time. But because of a ban on women playing professionally, the pro game was unfairly stunted worldwide. Imagine where the men’s game would be right now if it was missing 50 years of its history. That’s right, 100 years ago in the 1920’s WoSo was banned in England (and in Canada too). In England it returned in the 1970’s. That is a big chunk of progress nullified. And women’s football was gaining popularity. Dick, Kerr Ladies F.C. and the like were renowned and well-followed teams. But a combination of misogyny and corporate greed (wait, what? colour me shocked!) stunted the women’s game. But watching the most recent Euros in London, the expected crowds to kickoff this World Cup and even the full purpose-built WoSo stadiums in the United States it is obvious that the time has come to enjoy double the World Cups if you haven’t been already.


18 – The Kids

There is a real opportunity to start building a better world when it comes to gender equity. The number of kids who love Davies and Sinclair jerseys is awesome. And I mean boys in either, or girls in either. And lets be honest, I love how much these women empower young girls in Canada. But I also love how much these women are empowering boys to show their love of the game regardless of who is playing it for the Maple Leaf. There is nothing wrong with being proud of the way ‘girls’ play, it is a celebration of soccer. And having heroes who are the best in the world at something is special. And Canada’s boys, girls – kids – have that in the CanXNT.

19 – Real ‘World Cup Style’ Tournament vs A Marketing Exercise

Normally I hate pitting one soccer experience against another, because I love soccer in almost all its crazy forms. But one exception in the Leagues Cup. Man, I hate it already. There are a ton of reasons, from their disrespect towards their Regional Federation in strong-arming it in, to the way it negatively impacted existing national, and inclusive, tournaments. So if you have to watch only one soccer tournament this summer (which obviously you don’t) make it The Women’s World Cup. Sure Leagues Cup is incredibly dumb. But the real reason is because this World Cup is crazy compelling. And watching the best in the world at their calling is fun.


20 – Do It Despite FIFA

Look I know in the end it is another event hosted by the evil-est of evil. Money-grifting, hot air-spewing, promise-breaking, suitcases of cash-accepting ne’er-do-wells. Sure.

But for this once they are doing something almost noble. Of course it will net them millions in advertising and government kick-backs. But it will also push them ever closer to some kind of much needed equity. And that is something we should all be able to get behind.

Just Have Some Fun

Look, there are a million different personal reasons to watch the 2023 World Cup. Maybe a family member is playing. Or it brings your family together. Or you just cannot get enough soccer ever. Whatever your reasons, just have fun with it, and maybe invite a friend or two. You could be making a new lifelong fan of the game you love.

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