Blue Bombers’ Nic Demski Wins 13th Man Sports’ Week 6 Player of the Week

The weekend filled with Labour Day rematches was a week filled with shocking results, good football, and plenty of entertainment. Once again, it wasn’t an easy choice to decide player of the game for many of the games, but four players elevated their respective teams higher than anyone else, earning their consideration for 13th ManContinue reading “Blue Bombers’ Nic Demski Wins 13th Man Sports’ Week 6 Player of the Week”

CFL Fantasy Football Preview – Week 7

Week seven of the CFL season is just hours away from kickoff, and as has been somewhat of a tradition for us this season, we bring to you some fantasy football picks for the week for multiple different ways to play. Here’s what we have cooking this week. Total CFL Pick ‘Em  I’ve got HamiltonContinue reading “CFL Fantasy Football Preview – Week 7”

Bombers’ Banjo Bowl Blitz, Stamps Stop Skid – Week 6 Wrap Up

Winnipeg’s Banjo Bowl win and Calgary finally ending its run of outs were the main highlights of Week 6 action in the Canadian Football League. The Blue Bombers schooled their archrivals Saskatchewan to go two-from-two in their rivalry this season with their comprehensive 33-9 win in the Banjo Bowl. It solidified Winnipeg (5-1) atop theContinue reading “Bombers’ Banjo Bowl Blitz, Stamps Stop Skid – Week 6 Wrap Up”

CFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Another exciting week of CFL football is in the books and in week six, there were some surprising results that shook our power rankings up once again. A weekend full of rematches and over nine hours of football on Saturday kept fans entertained, but we are starting to see who’s hot and who’s not. TheContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 6”

5 Takeaways From Argonauts vs. Tiger-Cats – Week 6

It’s a weekend of rematches in the CFL in week six, and it kicked off with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats visiting the Toronto Argonauts on Friday night. Last week, the Tiger-Cats destroyed the Argonauts and it never looked like any other outcome was possible on Labour Day. With revenge on their mind, the Argos came outContinue reading “5 Takeaways From Argonauts vs. Tiger-Cats – Week 6”

Week 6 CFL Fantasy Football Preview

It’s about that time of the week again where we start thinking about our CFL fantasy football. With so many different options on how to play, we have built you your guide on what you should possibly think of doing for a handful of different modes. Let’s dive right into things. DraftKings  Classic Mode Full-slateContinue reading “Week 6 CFL Fantasy Football Preview”

Top 5 CFL Questions After Week 5

Week five of the CFL has come and gone and it has left some teams with more questions than answers and in a shortened season, they need to find the answers fast. Here are five questions we have after week five. Can Dominique Davis Right the Ship In Ottawa? The 2019 season is a seasonContinue reading “Top 5 CFL Questions After Week 5”

Elks’ Trevor Harris Wins 13th Man Sports’ Week 5 Player of the Week

Labour Day weekend was filled with great players making great plays, just as it should be. We’re all still taking in the sights and sounds of having Canadian football back this year, and Labour Day was just another step in the way. Last year, it was a grim reminder that the CFL wasn’t playing, butContinue reading “Elks’ Trevor Harris Wins 13th Man Sports’ Week 5 Player of the Week”

CFL’s Schedule Shuffle Makes Plenty of Sense

I know I’ve stoked a few complaints with some of my prior opinion pieces but this may be the most controversial. Stated simply, I think the league’s handling of the Elks and Argos COVID-19 postponement has been right on the money. Listen, I’m not saying it’s ideal. Ideally, COVID-19 would not have killed people. Ideally, we wouldContinue reading “CFL’s Schedule Shuffle Makes Plenty of Sense”

3 Takeaways From Tiger-Cats Vs. Argonauts – Week 5

Labour Day finally rolled around in the CFL, and with two games already completed on the weekend, the fun was just about to begin with the traditional Monday games. First up on the double-header docket was the Toronto Argonauts facing their historical rivals in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. There was a lot on the line inContinue reading “3 Takeaways From Tiger-Cats Vs. Argonauts – Week 5”