The Time is Now for the CFL to Make Things Right

The Time is Now for the CFL to Make Things Right

This post is written by Dave Spadafora

The Canadian Football League has just received a wake-up call.

A Group that includes Former Calgary Stampeder Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has purchased the XFL from bankruptcy for a reported $15 Million Dollars US. A bargain-basement price to be sure.

If there were ever a time for the CFL to get its act together, it would be now.

You can be sure that all the disgruntled international CFL players will definitely be exploring the possibility of employment in the spring league instead of venturing north of the border, and who could blame them?

It’s important now for Randy Ambrosie and the governors to start laying out a plan. A good place to start would be to abandon any hope of returning in 2020. With Summer now beginning to wind down, it’s too late to salvage any sort of season for this year. The focus should be on returning in 2021.

Next, the league should extend an olive branch to the CFLPA. It’s become more than apparent that the relationship between the two is damaged, and it likely has been for the last few years. With the XFL back from death’s door, it’s inevitable that there will be players who will make the jump. Limiting damage should be the main goal.

Lastly, and most importantly, get the Finances in order. The last time I checked, the CFL doesn’t have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to swoop in and save it. It’s very likely that when the league returns it’ll either be playing in empty Stadiums or in front of reduced crowds. So whether it’s a government loan, or through a private lending institution, securing the necessary funding is key.

There is no doubt that the road ahead will be challenging. Both Ambrosie and the governors will have to show leadership skills that in this blogger’s opinion, we haven’t seen throughout this whole crisis.

They really don’t have a choice. The very survival of the league depends on it.

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