Ranking the 2019 CFL Away Uniforms

Ranking the 2019 CFL Away Uniforms

Since everyone enjoyed the ranking of the home jerseys, we’re now going to take a look at the away jersey now too. Please remember, this is all in good fun. If you have your own rankings, please go ahead and share them with us! We would love to see them!

Teams are on a much more even playing field here. Everyone now has a white away jersey after Winnipeg thankfully ditched those gold monstrosities they wore with Reebok, so this list will look a little different than the last one.

I will also quickly mention that I like all of these jerseys. This ranking was immensely difficult and took considerably more time to put together then the home jerseys. New Era knocked the CFL’s away jerseys out of the park.

9. Montreal Alouettes

I’m really sorry for doing this, Als fans, but this jersey is boring. Looking back at some of the pictures of the old uniform, I can say that the old ones were better. The home version of this one is much better, and if you remember back to that ranking, you will know that I was much more fond of these in the home blue.

The uniform overall doesn’t do anything for me. It’s not bad looking, but it is generic. Its very Houston Texans looking and I can’t say it’s the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen.

One thing that I didn’t mention about these when I talked about their home uniform is their logo history appearing on the upper leg on the pants that you can see pictured below if you look closely. This is a very cool touch that shows off the proud history of the Montreal Alouettes.

This one tiny detail can’t save the Als from this fate. The white uniform lacks a lot of blue. The home jersey looks good because it brings all of the colours together and uses them nicely. The away uniform needs more blue in my eyes. As I said, I actually like all of the away jerseys and these aren’t bad at all, but they do feel generic and they could be improved upon. Home Uniform Ranking: 6

8. Edmonton Football Team

What can I say? Edmonton is consistent in this category. I ranked them at number eight for their home uniform too, and neither of them is great, but this one is stronger in my opinion. This uniform shares almost everything with the green counterpart, but the jersey is more visually appealing and the uniform as a whole is easier on the eyes. White and gold go good together and then you splash some green in there. It’s very easy on the eyes.

I’m very curious to see if this look will be sticking around after the name is changed or not. Overall, it’s time for the EE Football Team to take a look at their uniforms and redo them. They are pretty old and tired by now, and a reboot might be nice.

For some teams, a white jersey looks better than the dark one, and for others, the white is just worse. You will see some of those teams later here, but the EE Football team is one of the teams that look better in white, but it still isn’t good enough to get out of the eight spot for me. Home Uniform Ranking: 8

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders

Okay, now we have officially entered the controversial territory. Riders fans, please hear me out before you leave a comment telling me how dumb I am. I ranked the Riders home jersey at number two and I can appreciate that these are simply just colour swapped from the home jersey, but this just isn’t as appealing to me. These are okay, but there are teams that have better away uniforms.

Everything that I like about the Riders’ home jersey is here, but remember when I said some teams just look better in their home uniforms? Well, you guys are one of them.

This is not a knock on the Riders. This was all they could really do with this uniform and I would have done the same thing with it if I was designing it, but that doesn’t mean that it is be best. The Riders are just one of those teams that looks better in green. The more green in the uniform the better the Riders will look. Home Uniform Ranking: 2

6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

At least you are ahead of Saskatchewan again? That counts for something, right? Here we are talking about another team that just looks better in the dark colour. Almost nothing changes in this uniform with the pants and the helmet staying the same on both the home and away, but the royal blue home jersey is simply much nicer than its alternative.

Once again, there is nothing wrong with this uniform and just like the Riders, it’s very nice, but there are just other teams out there who have better away uniforms.

If its any consolation to you Bombers fans, I will drop this here. These uniforms will always be remembered as the ones the team wore when they brought the Grey Cup back to Winnipeg for the first time in forever. Home Uniform Ranking: 1

5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Cats road uniforms will look very different from week to week with the three different combinations they can bust out any given week. I can’t decide if I prefer the white pants or the black pants look for this uniform, but I can tell you that the gold pants look makes me want to vomit.

I would love to see a little bit more of that gold in this uniform, just not as the main colour of the pants. The thing that I love about this uniform that is completely unique from any other team is the sleeves/shoulder. Keeping the base from the black jersey on the arms of the white jersey is a touch that takes this look from number nine to number five.

Ultimately, the Cats are just another one of those teams that look better when they are wearing their dark uniform, but the white jersey doesn’t look bad whatsoever. Adding a gold outline to the numbers might have this look higher on my list, however. Home Uniform Ranking: 3

4. Calgary Stampeders

The Stamps used to have a black helmet on these white uniforms, and I can’t say that I understood why. Since teams are now all down to one helmet, the Stamps are sticking with just the red version. Having one helmet has improved the road look, but the “Outlaw” look has suffered. Quick spoiler for something else I am working on.

I talked about the spoked numbers when I talked about the home uniform, and it’s the same deal here. Once again, the Stamps look better in red despite them moving up a spot from the home uniform ranking.

The Stamps were supposed to bring out new uniforms before the 2020 season that would have been throwbacks, and there is a chance that we will still get to see those soon. This may be the end of the current era for the Stamps, but these uniforms have served the Stamps well for the past few seasons of dominance. It’s time to see if the Stamps can reproduce that success in a new era of Stampeders uniforms. Home Uniform Ranking: 4

3. B.C. Lions

The Lions went from wearing the creamsicle jerseys to wearing these fantastic looking things. Like I said with the home uniforms, ditching the pooh bear helmets was the best thing the Lions could have done when switching over to New Era.

To me, the more the Lions go with orange instead of black as the main colour, the more I like the uniform. The black should be used as it is in this uniform; to make the orange and white stand out.

This uniform looks miles better with the orange pants instead of the black pants. I don’t dislike this uniform when they wear the black pants, but the orange pants make this look so much better and pull the whole thing together. Home Uniform Ranking: 7

2. Toronto Argonauts

The Argos are the biggest mover from the home to the away uniform. The team that was ranked number nine is now all the way up to number two. The one complaint that I have about these is that the numbers are a little difficult to see when you are sitting in the stadium, but I can’t deny how good these look.

The Argos home uniforms aren’t something that I am a fan of, but for what is almost an inexplicable reason, I love these. The boat logo on the helmet has made a huge difference and I hope that is sticking around.

It’s hard to explain why I like this jersey. Everything I disliked about the home jersey is here with the away jersey too, but this one makes all the bad things about the home look good. Home Uniform Ranking: 9

1. Ottawa Redblacks

For me, the Redblacks have always had a sharp esthetic. The Redblacks are another team that has been affected by the one helmet rule the CFL has recently implemented. The change has helped the Redblacks here just like the Stampeders.

Switching over to black helmets and black pants for the majority of the road games has brought the Redblacks road uniforms to the number one spot in this list. When the switch to New Era happened, the Redblacks took the hashtag off of the pants and left it with just RNation, making them look more professional and clean things up.

The team looks sharp in these uniforms, and you can’t deny that. There have also been rumours of the Redblacks getting new uniforms too. It would include the already confirmed red alternate uniform and a chance that the white uniform would be reworked or redone. All I can say is that I hope that the white jersey isn’t changed, and if it is, I hope it isn’t changed too much. Home Uniform Ranking: 5

Once again, this is all opinion. If you have your own list, be sure to share it with us!

Let us know what you think!

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