CFL Fans React to the Cancelation of the 2020 Season

As we all know by now, the 2020 CFL season has been cancelled. Whether or not you thought it was possible to have a shortened season to begin with or not doesn’t change the fact that most CFL fans wanted to see football. Now, with that hope crushed by a mound of boulders, CFL fans allowed themselves to take to the internet (mostly Twitter) and share their thoughts.

When the announcement was first made, many fans came to the support of players wishing them the best of luck and hoping that they would see them on the field again sometime soon.

@PSoNumber9Is there a dislike/heartbreak button? This league is such an important part of our national culture. Guess it’s time to make sure we get back out there for 2021 and continue growing the great Canadian game

@WillyBWilliams3Well Ambrosie has done a lot of good things but he failed the players and the fans on this one. Went about it the wrong way and was rejected for bad business.

@BeLEAFingWithJBMan this is heartbreaking cause I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE watching CFL Football it’s so unique and fun, I’m just PRAYING that the league doesn’t fold cause that would be a tragedy cause I love this league and the players who play here, thanks for trying @RandyAmbrosie

Other people tweeted things saying that the league should fold or that they hope the league folds. The 13th Man Podcast had something to say about that among a number of others.

@13thManPodPSA: hating the CFL doesn’t make you cool or edgy, it makes you a moron. If you say “I hope the league folds” say it to the faces who won’t have jobs anymore. I’m sure they would love to have a “chat” with you.

@Lieutenant_EricI’m sad there won’t be any Canadian football to discuss this season

Having said that, I’m quite confident the league and government will come together for 2021 in some manner

But if you’re taking glee in today’s announcement? Have a word with yourself.

It wasn’t just the fans that had things to say, however. As you should expect by now, many players threw their hats in the ring and voiced their opinions.

It wasn’t just the fans that had things to say, however. As you should expect by now, many players threw their hats in the ring and voiced their opinions.

@6BONECRUSHER3Now the real topic of 2020 gets attention… Paragraph 16 we did these new negotiations bring of that????

@speedybanks87Sooooo am I a free agent or what ??? ?????

@bigplay_va#DefundTheCommish #DefundTheCoaches #CFL #pay #the #product… Everybody who is getting paid in #CFL organizations.. defund them all. This is nuts.

Right now, we don’t have many answers. As of Monday, players will be able to opt-out of their current CFL contracts according to a report from NFL Networks, Tom Pelissero. We won’t know the full extent of the damage for some time, but be sure that the CFL will have a number of players opt-out.

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