HSRL Power Rankings – Season 3, Round 2 (Austria)

HSRL Power Rankings – Season 3, Round 2 (Austria)

The second race of the Hot Seat Racing League Formula One season was run at the Red Bull Ring in Austria two weekends ago. There was a good amount of solid racing action and some surprises along the way.

If you want to watch the races, you can find them onĀ Twitch being streamed by NoThrillsWills. If you happened to miss the race this weekend, you can watch it right here in VOD form!

Below you will find the team’s last ranking followed by the drivers. The driver is listed as “Driver Name: Finish in the most recent race (Overall standings position).

10. AlphaTauri

Last Ranking: 4th

Constructor’s Standings: 10th

Marshmauro: DNS (20th)

M1kelMiles: DNF (15th)

AlphaTauri entered the season as one of the league’s favourites to win it all with Marshmauro coming fresh off his season two championship and M1kelMiles coming back after a one-season hiatus. To this point, we have yet to see Marshmauro in action this season due to personal reasons and M1kelMiles has been involved in some unfortunate incidents this season. This team should find a way to get back on track sooner rather than later, but it is going to hinge on getting Marshmauro back as soon as possible and M1kelMiles finding his form and getting comfortable in the new game.

9. Alfa Romeo

Last Ranking: 10th

Constructor’s Standings: 9th

JustBeattie x: DNS (19th)

SeelsTeam6ix: 8th (12th)

For the second week running now, Alfa Romeo remains towards the bottom of the power rankings. It’s not for a lack of talent, but more of a lack of consistency with the red and white team this season. Only two races deep and only once have one of their drivers finished a race. With how chaotic round one in Hungary was, that isn’t entirely uncommon, but so far, it’s been a list of rather uninspiring performances for Alfa Romeo. The off week should allow the Alfa Romeo squad time to regroup before heading to Italy for the first of two times this season when round three takes us to Monza. Like we said in the round two power rankings, this team will be back for more, it’s just a matter of time before things start going right for them.

8. Aston Martin

Last Ranking: 9th

Constructor’s Standings: 8th

BlueBird2711: DNS (17th)

SeiglerF1: 7th (10th)

SeiglerF1 will tell you that he knows he should have done better at Austria after he spun late in the race to choke away a top-five finish, but he scored some valuable points for the Aston Martin team while BlueBird2711 was forced to watch from the sidelines. While the team has higher hopes this season than lingering towards the bottom of both the driver’s and constructor’s standings, they haven’t helped themselves early on. With a pair of DNFs in the opening round and the spin from SeiglerF1 in round two, points have been left on the table. Too many points to be losing so far. Correcting that will be critical for climbing their way up the standings in the remaining 12 rounds this season.

7. Haas

Last Ranking: 8th

Constructor’s Standings: 6th

RustyWelder: DNS (16th)

MoldyMuskrat: 4th (7th)

For the second straight week, the Haas team moves up one spot as they continue to show moments of promise even with some disappointing results. RustyWelder didn’t hit the road in round two but MoldyMuskrat came up huge securing the outfit a P4 and 12 points in the constructor’s standings. Things could have been better for MoldyMuskrat, however. After getting a five-second penalty for impeding another driver’s hot lap in qualifying, it was applied in round two as he didn’t finish the race in round one. MoldyMuskrat crossed the line in P2, but with the penalty, he was bumped all the way down to P4 after a late-race safety car. Lesson learned. It could have been a really big day for him otherwise.

6. Mercedes

Last Ranking: 5th

Constructor’s Standings: 7th

DPV909: DNF (8th)

II UnKnOwNn II: 10th (14th)

The Mercedes outfit has fallen down the power rankings every round since entering the season ranked in the number one spot, but their struggles have been surprising early on. A little bit of bad luck got II UnKnOwNn II disqualified in round one and he was back on form for the second round finishing in only 10th, but picking up the fastest lap of the Grand Prix to secure his team an extra point in the standings. DPV909 looked like a man on fire in the opening round of the season but took a DNF in round two at Austria. Both drivers sit in the middle of the pack in the standings, but space is being put between them and the top teams in the league rapidly. This is a team that both drivers should be competing for podiums each race and that can and should soon happen, but if they hope to win the constructor’s championship this season, they need to get on with it before someone runs away with it. Staying away from the DNFs will be key for them going forward.

5. Ferrari

Last Ranking: 6th

Constructor’s Standings: 4th

Wittboy: 5th (5th)

Dr0pdeadLauren: DNF (11th)

Ferrari continues their charge up the power rankings after round two in large part to a great fifth-place finish from Wittboy. After a courageous seventh-place finish at Hungary for Dr0pdeadLauren, she didn’t manage to finish the round two race at Austria. She would take a DNF and a P13 on the day scoring no points for Ferrari. Despite that, Wittboy did more than enough for the team scoring 10 points helping them jump Williams in the constructor’s standings and claim fourth place after the second round. All things considered, Ferrari has been one of the league’s biggest positives early on this season. If they are able to continue with this path, they should be looking at a top-five finish in the constructor’s standings and Wittboy could be looking at a top-three finish in the driver’s championship and potentially more. This team should only continue to get better as the season goes along and should be one of your teams to watch the rest of the way!

4. Williams

Last Ranking: 2nd

Constructor’s Standings: 5th

silkwever: DNS (2nd)

PWW BlueFlame: DNF (18th)

After spending a week in the second spot, Williams is falling back a little bit. silkwever is still one of the top drivers on the grid and has a chance to win any race he participates in, but he missed the second round of the season. PWW BlueFlame, a driver who has shown to be more than capable of winning races on the F1 2020 game, has struggled to get back up to speed on the F1 2021 game. That struggle has him sitting in 18th in the driver’s championship ahead of only JustBeattie x and Marshmauro who is yet to race this season. If PWW BlueFlame has found a way to regain at least some of his form in the off week, Williams will be a force to be reckoned with going forward. With how good silkwever has shown to be, all PWW BlueFlame needs to do is score some points and they will have a chance to win the constructor’s championship. He is a capable driver and I expect that to start happening sooner rather than later.

3. McLaren

Last Ranking: 7th

Constructor’s Standings: 3rd

Icespillermc: 9th (13th)

FishingRic08: 1st (4th)

Ladies and gentlemen, FishingRic08 is in the building! There’s a great story about FishingRic08’s journey to getting back into HSRL for season three that we will write about in the coming days, but the fact that he is back is truly amazing for everyone involved in the league. Not only has he filled the only vacant seat in the F1 series, but he has filled it in style by winning the first race he was involved with. Icespillermc now goes from being the only player bringing in points for McLaren to being paired with a partner who has a chance to win the driver’s championship. Icespillermc secured his second consecutive ninth-place finish at Austria, and while he would like that to be a fourth or fifth-place finish at the very least, they can live with points every race. They made a big jump in these rankings from what we saw after round one, but they are more than deserving of it.

2. Alpine

Last Ranking: 1st

Constructor’s Standings: 2nd

HSR Anarky72: 6th (3rd)

TC45MG: DNS (9th)

Alpine finished the round one rankings in the top spot, but TC45MG missing the race, HSR Anarky72 having a less than ideal race for someone in the driver’s championship discussion, and a very strong showing from the team have dropped them one spot. They currently stand in second in the constructor’s standings and HSR Anarky is still in third in the driver’s standings, but he will need to drive more like he did in the opening round of the season and less like he did at Austria. Everyone knows that he is capable of winning the driver’s championship considering he has remained at the top of the table since the league was founded, but with the number of talented drivers in the league this season, he is in for a tough contest. Once TC45MG is back in the fold for the league’s next race in Italy (Monza), expect the Alpine outfit to be back in the running for race wins and big points. A really fast driver in HSR Anarky72 coupled with potentially the league’s most improved driver since season one, this team has big potential.

1. Red Bull

Last Ranking: 3rd

Constructor’s Standings: 1st

Mxgzzy: 2nd (1st)

DylanL2017: 3rd (6th)

When these rankings were put together after round one, I thought that Red Bull had a serious chance to win lots of races this season, but we hadn’t seen DylanL2017 out on track yet. Well, we got to see him for the first time in Austria, and wow. The only thing that was clear after that was that this team is absolutely dangerous and should be the favourite for the constructor’s championship right now. Mxgzzy finished in third in Hungary and finished in second in Austria. DylanL2017 came in third for his first race of the season in round two. Every time a Red Bull car has hit the track this season, they have finished the race and stepped up onto the podium. It’s still early of course, but that is obviously a recipe for success. They currently occupy the top spot in both the constructor’s and driver’s standings, so they are in control of things right now.

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