CFL Power Rankings – Week 3

CFL Power Rankings – Week 3

Week three of the Canadian Football League season was filled with surprises and shook our ranking up from how we had them last week. Only one game went the way of the oddsmakers and a handful of teams played drastically different than how they did the week before. It’s typical CFL, anyone can win on any given night. But here is the hierarchy of the CFL after the third week of play!

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-2)

Last Ranking: 8th

Week 3: BYE WEEK

Streak: 2 losses

Next Game: Week 4 @ Montreal

If you asked anyone in the offseason to guess who the only winless team in the CFL would be after two weeks, you probably would have said Ottawa, B.C., or maybe even Edmonton, but no one in their right mind thought that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would be 0-2 and look as bad as they have to start the season. They drop to the bottom spot after the Elks found a way to score some points and win their game this week. They stay behind the Redblacks for now considering they haven’t looked great offensively and Ottawa’s defence is better at the moment.

8. Ottawa Redblacks (1-1)

Last Ranking: 6th

Week 3: @ Saskatchewan (loss 23-10)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 4 Vs. B.C.

The Redblacks’ defence had yet another strong showing against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in week three, but the offence simply hasn’t been good enough for them this season. That primarily comes down to the offensive line not protecting Matt Nichols who has been sacked 11 times in two games this season. Much like the 2019 B.C. Lions who had the same issue, it doesn’t matter who your quarterback or receivers are if there is no time to throw. Something needs to be done about it and soon with only 12 games left on the Redblacks’ schedule.


7. Edmonton Elks (1-2)

Last Ranking: 9th

Week 3: @ B.C. (win 21-16)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 4 @ Toronto (postponed)

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The Edmonton Elks put one in the left-hand column with their win over the B.C. Lions in week three, but it wasn’t pretty. The offence was once again settling for field goals and only scored one touchdown on the day, coming on a 10-yard pass to Mike Jones. Greg Ellingson got going in this game which is fantastic news for the Elks, but they need to do this again to prove to everyone that they are for real. They won’t have the chance to do that in week four, however. They are having problems with COVID-19 right now and are looking at a very real chance that they will forfeit their game against the Toronto Argonauts this week.

6. B.C. Lions (1-2)

Last Ranking: 5th

Week 3: Vs. Edmonton (loss 21-16)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 4 @ Ottawa

I really don’t know what to think about this team right now. With a couple of injuries on their offensive line, they looked completely lost and unable to move the football all night long. Defensively, they looked good despite big passing numbers from Trevor Harris and a big game on the ground from James Wilder Jr. The Lions have shown flashed where they look like one of the better teams in the CFL and have had moments where they look like one of the worst. Consistency is key, otherwise, they will take up a permanent spot in the middle of the standings.


5. Calgary Stampeders (1-2)

Last Ranking: 7th

Week 3: Vs. Montreal (win 28-22)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 4 @ Winnipeg

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While the Stampeders definitely want Bo Levi Mitchell back in the fold as fast as possible, they have to like what they saw from Jake Maier after his rough first quarter in his first-ever CFL start. They beat a very good Montreal Alouettes football team who admittedly didn’t have the best game, but it shouldn’t have mattered. Maier will be leading the Stamps for the foreseeable future, but if he plays like he did in week three for the rest of the season, the Stamps will be in pretty good shape from here on out. Sprinkles of what we saw with Dane Evans and the Ti-Cats in 2019.

4. Montreal Alouettes (1-1)

Last Ranking: 3rd

Week 3: @ Calgary (loss 28-22)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 4 Vs. Hamilton

One week ago I thought the Alouettes might be making a push to be the best team in the CFL, but after their week three game, I can’t help but wonder if they let all the positive news get to their heads. They looked nothing like they did when they beat the Elks in week two and they were going up against a rookie QB who wasn’t even considered the Stamps number two guy before the week. Something was offbeat all night long for them. Luckily, they are only two games into the season and have a chance to win an important game at home against the Tiger-Cats this week.


3. Toronto Argonauts (2-1)

Last Ranking: 4th

Week 3: Vs. Winnipeg (win 30-23)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 4 Vs. Edmonton (postponed)

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Congratulations, Argonauts. You did something not many people thought you would be able to do and proved everyone wrong. Nick Arbuckle looked really good and made the right reads most of the time. The offensive line continues to be a bit of an issue for the Argos, but they managed to overcome it and win the game. If they play like they did in the second leg of the home-and-home with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, they can compete for a Grey Cup. They have to find consistency, however. With their game against the Elks currently postponed and the CFL looking to find a date for them to reschedule, they are left waiting and wondering if they will have a bye week this week or not. They could be getting a free win here, though.

2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2-1)

Last Ranking: 1st

Week 3: @ Toronto (loss 30-23)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 4 Vs. Calgary

I was starting to wonder if the Blue Bombers would fall before they meet the Roughriders in Regina on Labour Day, but now we have our answer. They looked pedestrian against the Argos in week three after crushing them in week two. It’s one of the more shocking changes in play over one week we have seen this season. It was the offensive line that gave them the most headaches. It was bad, and that’s not something we are used to with that group. They won the Bombers the Grey Cup in 2019, and they need to play at a high level if the Bombers want to win it again this season.


1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (3-0)

Last Ranking: 2nd

Week 3: Vs. Ottawa (win 23-10)

Streak: 3 wins

Next Game: Week 5 Vs. Winnipeg

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We got a lot of comments last week telling us that the Roughriders should be in the number one spot. I disagree for last week, but this week, Riders’ fans, you get your wish! It’s clear that right now, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the best team in the CFL. The offence has been really good and the defence can hang in there with the best talent around the league. While I won’t say that they will be here for a long time for sure, if they continue to play the way that they have, they will be just fine this season.

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  1. NOTHING is “clear’ about #1. They have played 3 games AT HOME in arguably the most difficult environment for opposition teams. It’s clear they play well at home. That is it!

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