10 Way-too-early CFL predictions

10 Way-too-early CFL predictions

The CFL season is in full swing, but it’s still early on. Here are 10 way-too-early predictions about the rest of the season.

1) The Riders will be very close to unbeaten, but not quite make it

I see the Riders winning the West with a near-perfect record, but because they will be the big target, somebody will sneak up on them.

2) Winnipeg will be the first, and maybe only, team to beat the Riders

Andrew Harris-Winnipeg Blue Bombers -27july2017-Photo: Scott Grant

The next two weeks will likely be a split. Without Andrew Harris available, it may have been a Rider sweep, but with talented receivers and a stout Defence, I think the Bombers get one of two.

3) Alberta will produce a playoff team

I’m not sure which one it will be, but I’m confident either the Elks or Stamps will be playing in the post-season. They both have lots of weapons, so one of them will go on a run at some point.

4) The BC Lions will be one of the Final Four teams standing.

Michael Reilly is Michael Reilly, this is also a team with plenty of weapons and a better-than-recognized Defence.

5) If either the Argos or Ticats win 3 games in their head-to-head series, that team will win the East.

These two look like they will be explosive. Evans and Arbuckle both seem to be the right choices at QB and both have talented receiving corps.

6) The Argos and Ticats will split their series.

Is this a cop-out? That’s a definite maybe, but this is going to be 4 entertaining rounds of the Battle of the QEW.

7) Montreal will win at least one more game against a Western opponent.

The Als are struggling right now and seem to be unsure about their identity on Offence, but they will score a lot of points, if not consistently, at least occasionally.

8) The Redblacks will find some solutions and go on a run at some point, with more than 3 victories.

I don’t see Ottawa in the playoffs this season but when things go badly early in the season it tends to focus attention and bring needed change. They are going to improve.

9) Eastern players will win 3 of these awards.  MOP, Most Outstanding Canadian, Grey Cup MVP, Grey Cup Canadian MVP

Okay, I will admit, this is more “hunch” than analysis, but sometimes you gotta play the hunch.

10) Between 1 and 3 of these projections will be wrong

First, nobody’s perfect. Next, I told you it was way too early.  Third, I’m going out on a limb with a few of these.

If you want to debate any of these, or just badger me about them — perhaps even agree with me — hit me up on Twitter @lizardo_tom

Let us know what you think!

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