Week 5 CFL Fantasy Preview

Week 5 CFL Fantasy Preview

Fantasy Football has already captivated the NFL landscape, and with it doing the same in Canada, we bring to you our picks for the week. Here’s what we have going on.

Draftkings Classic Mode

QB-  Dane Evans/Trevor Harris

RB- James Wilder Jr./Ka’deem Carey, WR- Steven Dunbar, WR- Rasheed Bailey Flex- Kyran Moore, Flex- Eric Rogers, Defence- Riders/Alouettes. 

I think the points are most likely to flow in the two Labour Day games and it looks like Evans to Dunbar may be the new Cats “go-to” combo for a while. So, I’m leaning with Evans over Arbuckle playing in the Hammer, but I’m planning on playing both Dunbar and Eric Rogers.

Rasheed Bailey and Kyran Moore are both reasonably priced players who are in the top tier of productive receiving corps for Sunday’s game, so I’m looking at playing them both.

Trevor Harris is an alternative to Evans because he always piles up the yards but how the Covid-related issues finally pan out on the depth chart is anybody’s guess right now, so I’m also hedging on James Wilder with Ka’deem Carey, unsure who to play there until game day.  If Harris has a greatly diminished receiver corps it may be hard for Wilder to totally dominate.

On Defence, the Riders’ big-play potential ranks them as a top choice, but the Als make a good value play until Ottawa proves it can move the ball and put majors on the board.

DraftKings Showdown: Blue Bombers @ Roughriders

I like the Riders at home, but since I faded Fajardo and Andrew Harris in the Classic Mode, I’m looking at playing them both in Showdown mode. Because those two carry big salaries, I’m looking for a value play, and — for me — that’s Brayden Lenius or Mitchell Picton. With two spots left then I’m leaning to Rasheed Bailey and William Powell but I’m still considering plugging the Defences into those final two slots in Showdown mode.

So, pick five.

Fajardo and Harris/Picton, Lenius/Bailey and Powell, or Bombers and Riders DST

CFL Fantasy

With a different salary and roster structure, I like the following lineup for CFL Fantasy 

QB Cody Fajardo RB Justin Davis RB Andrew Harris WR Ryan Davis WR Rasheed Bailey Flex. Dunbar Defence Montreal

The Davis’ of Ottawa are both players who have the ability to put up Fantasy points.  In this mode, they are underpriced so it’s hard to not pick them. I keep saying Ottawa is due to have some offensive awakening, if it’s this week, these two will likely be “super value.” Being careful of the Elks situation and going with Fajardo at QB means the Als’ underpriced defence is still the logical choice.

CFL Pick ‘Em

I’ve already indicated that I like the Riders and Ticats at home.  I’m going to ride with Montreal until Ottawa proves some offensive capability. The final game of the weekend will be a toss-up pick for me right up to game time. As of now, though I’m very cautious, I lean to the Elks, despite several of their top-tier receivers being in Covid protocols. If they can get Ellingson touches again, the difference-maker is James Wilder, Jr.

I’m obliged to say that sometimes I use plays or lineups other than those I recommend.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Labour Day and hope we all appreciate and enjoy having a full slate of CFL games this year.

Let us know what you think!

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