CFL Power Rankings – Week 5

CFL Power Rankings – Week 5

Another week of the CFL season has wrapped up, and after week five, it seems that we have more questions than answers. Despite the rankings being very difficult this week, we have come to a conclusion that we think is as close as you can get. Here is how the CFL landscape looks after five weeks of play.

9. Ottawa Redblacks (1-3)

Last Ranking: 9th

Week 5: Vs. Montreal (loss 59-29)

Streak: 3 losses

Next Game: Week 6 @ BC

While there was a case to be made for putting the Stampeders in this spot instead of the Redblacks, Ottawa’s struggles this season have simply been too much to ignore. Although their offence sort of came to life under Dominique Davis, we need to see it happen again before we are willing to put them any higher. The defence struggled in week five, but they have otherwise looked really good. Maybe Labour Day can serve as a turning point for the Redblacks, but we will get a better idea of that in Vancouver.

8. Calgary Stampeders (1-4)

Last Ranking: 5th

Week 5: Vs. Edmonton (loss 32-20)

Streak: 2 losses

Next Game: Week 6 @ Edmonton

The Stampeders have big issues, and those big issues have them plum behind the eight-ball already in this short season. With Bo Levi Mitchell going down with an injury, Jake Maier has stepped up and looked really good, but he hasn’t been able to force the Stampeders to play better. While they do need Mitchell back as soon as possible, their issues go beyond their franchise quarterback being injured.


7. Edmonton Elks (2-2)

Last Ranking: 8th

Week 5: @ Calgary (win 32-20)

Streak: 2 wins

Next Game: Week 6 Vs. Calgary

We called Trevor Harris out after the Elks’ second game of the season, and to his credit, he has come back and looked much better since. He was lights out in the Elks’ Labour Day victory over the Stampeders, but his major flaw has always been consistency. The Elks have Grey Cup levels of talent, it’s just a question of it they can continue to play at a high level. Time will tell.

6. Toronto Argonauts (2-2)

Last Ranking: 3rd

Week 5: @ Hamilton (loss 32-19)

Streak: 1 loss

Week 6: Vs. Hamilton

Why are the Argonauts so inconsistent? Well, I have no idea. All I know is that early in this season, we’ve seen Nick Arbuckle look elite, but we have also seen him at his worst. Wild swings of performance all season long from the Argos have them frustrating their fans, and I’m sure coaching staff alike. There is tonnes of talent wearing double blue this season, but they are hot one week and cold the next. Consistency is key and heading into week six, they have a critical matchup with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats they essentially need to win.


5. BC Lions (2-2)

Last Ranking: 4th

Week 5: BYE WEEK

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 6 Vs. Ottawa

I tend to believe that the BC Lions are a good football team. That is why you have seen them around this spot in every power rankings since the season has started, but the Elks are starting to turn up the heat on them for a playoff spot. This team should be good enough to make the playoffs, but they need to come out and play their best football every game. There have been a few too many mistakes on their side this season, but they have a serious chance to be a contender for the Grey Cup when December rolls around.

4. Montreal Alouettes (2-2)

Last Ranking: 7th

Week 5: @ Ottawa (win 51-29)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 7 Vs. BC

The Montreal Alouettes are an odd case at the moment. Their good games have been electric and fun to watch, but their bad games have been quite the snooze fest for neutral fans. With the offence they have, you should expect them to score lots of points in every game, but that seems to hinge on the deep ball being effective. When that is clicking, they are at their best. Finding a way to make that work more than 50 percent of the time is key for them.

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3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2-2)

Last Ranking: 6th

Week 5: Vs. Toronto (win 32-19)

Streak: 2 wins

Next Game: Week 6 @ Toronto

These are the Tiger-Cats that we thought we would get this season, not the frauds who showed up for the first two weeks. After crushing two division opponents in the Argonauts and Alouettes, it’s safe to say the Tabbies are back on track. The path is there to win the East division, but it starts with another game against the Argos in a notoriously difficult game to win, especially in the second leg of a home-and-home on the other team’s turf.

2. Saskatchewan Roughrigers (3-1)

Last Ranking: 1st

Week 5: Vs. Winnipeg (loss 23-8)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 6 @ Winnipeg

The first three games of the Riders’ season had everyone thinking they had a chance to go undefeated this season, but they came out on Labour Day weekend and laid an egg against their biggest rivals. Cody Fajardo played his worst game as the Roughriders’ starter throwing three interceptions while unable to find the endzone. This is still a good football team, and I can’t believe that I saw comments saying Fajardo should have been pulled at halftime. They have a chance now to go win the Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg, and as cliche as it sounds, that’s a game they almost have to win if they want to win the West division.


1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-1)

Last Ranking: 2nd

Week 5: @ Saskatchewan (win 23-8)

Streak: 2 wins

Next Game: Week 6 Vs. Saskatchewan

Welcome back to the top spot in our rankings, Blue Bombers. While your victory over the Riders wasn’t perfect, you outplayed them the entire game. There was never a second where the outcome of the game was really in doubt. After a bit of a setback against the Argos a couple of weeks ago, the Bombers narrowly escaped with a win over the Stampeders, but they balled out in Saskatchewan. Like the Tiger-Cats, they are looking like they are back on track. Saskatchewan is coming for their heads this week, however. Is this top-ranking a short-term home, or will the Bombers be here for the long run?

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