Week 6 CFL Fantasy Football Preview

Week 6 CFL Fantasy Football Preview

It’s about that time of the week again where we start thinking about our CFL fantasy football. With so many different options on how to play, we have built you your guide on what you should possibly think of doing for a handful of different modes. Let’s dive right into things.


Classic Mode Full-slate (Friday & Saturday) and Saturday-only.

QB– I’m looking at Trevor Harris and Michael Riley. Harris has a high price tag, but he’s worth it.  Reilly is a little less pricey so if he’s your choice you’ll have a little more to spend on your receivers.

RB and Flex 1 — They both have high price tags but I’m going to be starting both James Wilder Jr. and Andrew Harris.

Because I don’t have any true low-cost players in the QB/RB slots I’m looking at a handful of receiving options that I will put into three categories.

The best “value plays” in the receiver corps <$5100 include Tim White, Jordan Williams-Lambert and Ernest Edwards. 

Moderate to High (6600-7800)–  Lucky Whitehead, Ricky Collins, Jr and Kamar Jorden.

Mid-Priced: (5200-6500) Daniel Petermann, Mike Jones. 

DST – I’m rolling with the BC Lions here. I realize Ottawa may upset this apple cart based on last week’s play, but BC has a defence that is underappreciated and underpriced.

In the 3-game (Saturday only) set I’m looking at mostly the same plays but I have added Kyran Moore in the mix as a higher-priced receiver and Ottawa’s Ryan Davis in the “value play” category.

To hedge my bets, I will probably fade whichever QB I start in the full-slate matchup and I will also consider the Elks DST.

DraftKings Showdown (BC v Ottawa)

I’m expecting a decent offensive battle so I’m taking both QBs, I do think the Lions’ DST may have a couple big plays, whether it be pick 6 and/or punt return, as well as a couple sacks and rouges, so I’m starting them also.  For the other two slots, I’m picking any two WRs who keep me under the salary cap as neither team had consistently established a run game.

CFL Fantasy 

QB Jake Maier, RB  Andrew Harris, RB James Wilder Jr., WR Jevon Cottoy, WR Kurleigh Gittens, Flex Drew Wolitarsky, Defence BC Lions. 

CFL pick ’em

I’m going with all the home teams this week, with one exception. I look for the Riders to avenge last week’s loss.

I’m obliged to say that I do, occasionally, use lineups and make plays other than those I recommend.

Happy Football!

Let us know what you think!

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