PinPoint Racing Season 1 Round 2 Recap – Great Britain

PinPoint Racing Season 1 Round 2 Recap – Great Britain

The first round of the season didn’t go as many drivers would have hoped with too many DNFs to count, but after a settings change in the league, Silverstone promised to offer a new experience for drivers league-wide. The historic Silverstone circuit has always been a great race in F1 games, and it was no different for PinPoint Racing’s first trip to Great Britain.


EasternPromiseeRed BullOwinblues254169
Patient AIMcLarenFS X ME
Syko IXAlfa RomeoVapeUpYourGame
Reserves are determined on a firs-come first-serve basis. Some exceptions apply

Owinblues254169 was back for his second race of the season racing in the Red Bull in place of EasternPromisee. FS X ME and VapeUpYourGame were both making their PPR debuts.


Qualifying in the second round of the season was complicated by wet conditions that required the full wet tire the majority of the session, but some drivers decided to brave things out and try out the intermediate tire at the end of the session, something that paid off for them.

*PinPoint Racing uses short qualifying for all F1 races. It is an 18 minute session where all drivers set their fastest lap. Unlike real world Formula 1, there is no knockout zone and there is no Q2, or Q3.

1HaasMustardOwl465481:37.823 (I)
2MercedesPWW BlueFlame1:39.093 (W)
3FerrariFishingRic081:39.619 (W)
4HaaszZirconium1:39.723 (W)
5WilliamsDPV9091:39.845 (W)
6Alfa Romeo (R)VapeUpYourGame1:39.947 (I)
7FerrariWittboy1:40.285 (W)
8Red BullDylanL20171:40.298 (W)
9Mercedessilkwever1:40.411 (W)
10Alfa RomeoBlueBird27111:40.509 (W)
11Red Bull (R)Owinblues2541691:41.063 (W)
12McLaren (R)FS X ME1:41.697 (W)
13AlphaTauriDr0pdeadLauren1:41.743 (W)
14AlpineRNG Merrett1:42.731 (W)
(R) indicates reserve driver. Tire compound indicated by letter inside bracket beside the time.

MustardOwl46548 made the bold choice to stick on the intermediate tire well before anyone thought it might possible, and by the time everyone had seen what he was able to do, the session was about to expire and only VapeUpYourGame had a chance to contend with the green-compound. MustardOwl46548 captured pole position with relative ease and a gap of well over a second to the second-place runner in PWW BlueFlame.


FishingRic08 and zZirconium continued their impressive qualifying sessions on the seasons, starting the race in third and fourth respectively. While in a normal situation, drivers would need to start on the tire they qualified on if they were starting inside the top 10, but with the rain tires coming off for the start of the race, the drivers were able to choose their starting tire. Most opted for a fresh set of red-striped softs, but PWW BlueFlame, silkwever, BlueBird2711, Owinblues254169, and Dr0pdeadLauren opted to play the long game and start of the medium tire.


After nearly an entire lap of clean running, FishingRic08, who was quite upset after a collision in round one at Bahrain, made a move up the inside of Haas driver zZirconium, sending him spinning and tumbling down the order as he had to wait for traffic to pass.

On the second lap of the race, VapeUpYourGame went for a spin into the grass in sector two, but he was able to keep moving forward, getting back on the track in 13th, just ahead of zZirconium who would claim the position just a few corners later.

The first driver to DNF came on lap two during a virtual safety car when DylanL2017 spun out of the final corner and was unable to steer clear of the pit wall, hitting it with high velocity and ending his race.


On lap four, zZirconium hit the wall coming out of Copse Corner, ending his race and a chance at big points for the Haas team. The safety car was brought out and the race would resume on the seventh lap of the Grand Prix.

After spinning early in the race and losing many positions, DPV909 started climbing his way back up the order by overtaking Dr0pdeadLauren, VapeUpYourGame (who would DNF shortly after being overtaken), and FS X ME in short order. He was up to sixth place on lap 12, but he wasn’t done yet.

He would make the most of a mistake from BlueBird2711 who ran wide, but it was an easy move for DPV909 regardless. Now up to fifth, a podium, and possibly a race win seemed to be in the cards for the Dutchman.


silkwever pulled into the pits, allowing DVP909 to slide up into fourth as he continued to charge through the pack. On lap 17, DPV909 had made it all the way up to the top of the timing tables and was leading the Grand Prix.

It came down to an all-out sprint to the finish at the end of the race with DPV909 leading Wittboys who held a slim margin over PWW BlueFlame as they crossed the line. Despite being third on the track, PWW BlueFlame would come away the winner of the race after both DPV909 and Wittboy took penalties for exceeding track limits.

PositionTeamDriverTime to LeaderPoints
1MercedesPWW BlueFlame25
7McLaren (R)FS X ME+36.0576
8Alfa RomeoBlueBird2711+46.7924
9Red Bull (R)Owinblues254169+54.1172
10Alpine (F)RNG Merrett+55.9822
12Alfa Romeo (R)VapeUPYourGameN/A0
14Red BullDylanL2017N/A0
Results final. (F) Indicates fastest lap. (R) indicates reserve driver


*FS X MEReserve15/26P7, +5 seconds & +1 Super Licence Point (1 total point)
Penalties are decided post race by the stewarding team. Explanations below

*FS X ME Caused an avoidable collision with another driver causing damage.

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