Ottawa Titans Unveil Team’s New Uniforms

Ottawa Titans Unveil Team’s New Uniforms

It has taken some time for the Ottawa Titans to become a reality, but with things returning to normal, it’s starting to happen. The team has hit the field for training camp, and on Saturday afternoon, they took the next step in making things seem real, showing off the uniforms that the team will wear for the 2022 season.

Only one of the jerseys has been seen on the field so far, with the away jersey being used in an exhibition game against the Cornwall River Rats of the Tier 2 NCBL. Interestingly enough, the Titans have opted to not have a traditional grey jersey, instead opting for a black top on the road. The jersey itself is a simple design, with no stripes anywhere to be found. The black jersey features the word ‘Ottawa’ written across the chest in red lettering with a white outline. The number on the left side of the front, and on the back of the jersey, are the reverse of the word. A white font, with a red outline.

Ottawa Titans shake hands with the Cornwall River Rats after their exhibition game – Ottawa Titans on Twitter

The away jersey features grey pants with a black hat, the only uniform that features the black cap. The home white jersey shares some similarities with the Philadelphia Phillies in MLB, but with a couple of key differences. The jersey has a base colour of white, of course, but the red pinstripes catch the eye and add some pop. The wordmark on the chest changes from ‘Ottawa’ to ‘Titans’, written in red letters with a black outline.

Where this jersey breaks from looking like the Phillies’ uniforms in with the sleeves. They are fully red, and feature the Titans’ logo on the right arm. It’s a very different design that we don’t traditionally see in baseball today, but for the Titans, it works. The uniform is completed with a red cap.


The Titans also introduced an alternate red jersey, and to say that it’s different from anything we have seen before would be an understatement. The alternate features the same white pants as seen on the home uniform, but the jersey itself features a slight colour change. The red combined with a colour that could best be described as silver, makes up the alternate jersey. ‘Titans’ is once again written across the chest, but in silver this time. Where this jersey breaks from tradition is on the sides, and on the sleeves. Inside the silver piping, there is a diamond-like pattern in red that is somewhat similar to what the Arizona Diamondbacks have done in the past. It’s odd, but it’s likely to be a popular jersey.

Ottawa sports fans will appreciate the Titans sticking with the colours Ottawa is used to. Red, black, and white have been the colours of sports teams in this city for a long time, and every now and again, someone will try something different. That is almost always met with negativity, but not this time.

The Titans will participate in the Frontier League, this season, serving as one of the three Canadian teams in the 16-team league. They will play their first game of the season on Friday, May 13th, and their first home game on Tuesday, Mar 24th. They will also play a home preseason game against the Quebec Capitales on Tuesday, May 10th.

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