Healthy At Last: Clay Fisher Activated By Titans

Healthy At Last: Clay Fisher Activated By Titans

It has been nearly a full month since Clay Fisher went down in a heap after stroking what would have otherwise been an RBI single in a game against the Empire State Greys on June 10th. He had an RBI to comfort him, but on a play that was officially scored a groundout to the left fielder, Fisher had dislocated his knee cap.

Fisher never moved from the batter’s box that night, not until he was carried off the field. There was a legitimate fear the injury would keep him out of the Titans’ lineup for months, but thankfully, that hasn’t been the case. Still, it has been almost a month, but finally, Fisher is back after being activated by the Titans on Thursday.

“It was kind of a bummer because I was just starting to swing the bat a little bit,” Fisher said. “The same exact thing happened to me last year, but it was a little more severe, and I could tell. This one was still pretty bad at first, but it’s definitely healing a lot faster than last year.”

Clay Fisher being carried off the field after an injury, Ottawa TItans – Tim Austen / Ottawa Titans

“I’m ready to go,” he said. “I’m active today, and probably starting tomorrow, so I’m feeling good and ready to go.”

Although he has worked his way back, Fisher recounted the struggles of being injured. He still made road trips with the team while inactive, but the frustration of not being able to get on the field eventually set in.


“Being hurt, especially for weeks at a time, is never fun,” Fisher said. “You just have to mentally tough through it. The bus rides and sitting for hours are no fun, but it just feels good to finally be at the end of the tunnel. Grinding through it the whole time was pretty tough, but we made it.”

Fisher has put in the work in order to get back healthy, however. Through the days when things were hard, he was out on the field three or four hours before the game getting in swings, and getting work done in the infield.

“Our trainer and I have been working really hard every day,” Fisher said. “He has been doing a really good job, and he got me ready. My brother has been out here hitting me ground balls, too. He has also been a big part of it.”


While there are still questions about where exactly Fisher could play when he gets back into the lineup (he’s prepared to play either shortstop or third base), it doesn’t matter. The excitement level is high, and he just wants to get back on the field.

“It’s really exciting,” Fisher said. “I was just starting to swing the bat and play well, so hopefully I can keep that going. I’m just really excited to be out there playing again, though.”

The Titans also made a corresponding roster move on Thursday, sending outfielder Matt Feinstein to the 14-day injured list.

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