The 10 Best Premier League Kits In 2022

The 10 Best Premier League Kits In 2022

Soccer, of football, as they call it in most of the world, has some of the most interesting uniforms in sports. New ones are released every single season, and you never really know exactly what you are going to get. Colours can change, and from season to season, you can tune into your favourite team and see them look completely different from the past year. For those reasons, it’s a lot of fun. Still, there are traditions that run strong, and only see minor changes.


This list is almost certain to be extremely controversial. Note that the history of the kits is not taken into consideration at all in this list, but rather, it is done completely by what I find appealing. Drop your list in the comments! There are no wrong answers!

10. Brentford

Frank Onyeka, Brentford FC

Of all of the kits on this list, I can’t imagine that too many people would have expected to see Brentford here. In pretty much every sport, I’m a sucker for two tones of blue, and this Brentford kit does a phenomenal job of that. The light blue base has a very subtle texture to it when you see it up close. One of my favourite things about this kit, however, is the crest they decided to use. It’s the classic ‘castle crest’ that was originally used in 1975, all the way until 1992-93. The blue numbers on the back of the kit are still completely legible, and with the dark blue shorts featuring white stripes and numbers, everything is tied together. Every kit on this list is really good, at least in my opinion, and considering how much I like this one, it’s crazy to think that there are nine that I like more.


9. Tottenham Hotspur

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – JULY 13: Son Heung-Min and Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur in action during the preseason friendly match between Tottenham Hotspur and Team K League at Seoul World Cup Stadium on July 13, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images)

Tottenham Hotspur has one of the classic kits in the Premier League, and its simplicity is one of the main reasons that it is on this list, to begin with, but there was an addition in 2022 that takes it over the top for me. The traditional white shirt is super sleek, and with a pattern visible when you get close, it’s very smart looking. The dark blue is a wonderful contrast, and using it for the shorts and the numbers stands out. The red mixed in with the sponsor logo works well, but that’s not the colour that brings everything together. The addition of the “Volt” green is one of my favourite pieces. Used in the collar, sleeves, and socks, it’s the perfect way to spice up an otherwise traditional kit. Tottenham nailed this one, for me.


8. Chelsea

Mason Mount, Chelsea FC – Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images

Is this a controversial take? Maybe. Is it becoming clear that I like kits that feature light colours as the primary focus? Yes, it certainly is, and that is going to continue in the rest of this list, so get used to that! The most striking part of this kit is the “Chlorine Blue” that is used alongside the “College Navy” in the striping. Inside the lighter blue, the same pattern that is featured on the inside of the collar on the Chelsea home kit is used, and that, at least in my opinion, is a great way to tie both looks together. The white shorts here are simple, and although I would rather see white socks for this uniform, the navy blue socks aren’t entirely out of place, either. All in all, this is my favourite Chelsea kit this season.


7. Liverpool

Luis Diaz, Liverpool FC – Via Liverpool FC

Liverpool’s home kit isn’t a light colour like many of the other kits on this list, but it does keep an incredibly simple design that I love. The red is striking, and with the only things in white being the crest, numbers, and sponsors, it gives the accents a more important feeling. Once again, the kit’s texture is pretty cool. There’s not too much else you can say, it’s just striking to look at, and keeps the classic feel of the club.


6. Arsenal

William Saliba, Arsenal FC

I’m a sucker for a pink kit, but it is such a difficult colour to pull off. In this instance, however, Arsenal absolutely crushed it, and it’s no wonder that the demand was so massive that it delayed orders from the team’s store for weeks (that actually happened.) The colour scheme of light pink, with dark blue and a touch of light blue is impeccable, and the subtle design in the shirt adds something to pull it all together. For me, this is one of those kits that fans are going to look back on in five or 10 years’ time, and think to themselves “remember when Arsenal had those pink kits? I wish they would bring those back.” This is an all-timer, and is *chef’s kiss* perfection.

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5. Crystal Palace

Wilfried Zaha, Crystal Palace FC – CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

See! It’s not all light-coloured kits on this list, I do have some other tastes, you know! Crystal Palace came out with an absolute banger of a kit, this season. They managed to keep their classic red and blue stripes, but incorporated something new and modern into the look, and it slaps. The marker-like texture in the stripes is really cool, and not something you see all that often.


4. Brighton & Hove Albion

Brighton & Hove Albion in their match against Manchester United

It really wasn’t until recently that I decided that I liked Brighton’s kit. For some reason, I wasn’t a fan at all until rather recently, but the more I watched them play, the better the kit got. The striping of this kit is certainly different than pretty much everything else we see in the Premier League, but it is a classy look. The blue and white scheme would be nice alone, but the inclusion of a small amount of yellow help separate this from other kits in the league. The simplicity of the white shorts also helps. They declutter the look, and allow the shirt to be the centre of attention, as it deserves to be.


3. Manchester City

Erling Haaland, Manchester City – CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

It seems like there are two different kinds of people. Those who love this kit, ranking it among the top in the Premier League, and those who hate it, saying it’s one of Manchester City’s weaker kits. Count me in the former, I love this kit. The light blue base, of course, is synonymous with City, and is one of my favourite colours for a jersey in any sport. This season, they have snuck a little bit of red into the kit, borrowing from the crest, and incorporating it elsewhere. This is a really nice look, and while I do love it with the white shorts, I think it might be higher up the list if the red shorts were the primary look.


2. Fulham

Joao Palhinha celebrates with team-mates after scoring their team’s second goal during the Premier League match between Fulham FC and Brentford FC at Craven Cottage – Image credit: Getty Images

Here we go, into the best of the best now. Fulham, who have just recently been promoted to the top flight of English Football, boast one of the simplest looks in the entire league. Their home-white kit is a thing of beauty, featuring subtle touches of red on the trim, and a fair amount of black to differentiate things. It’s simple, and gets the point across effectively, fitting for a team that has shocked many people early in the Premier League season.


1. Leeds United

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – JULY 14: Rodrigo Moreno of Leeds United kicks during the 2022 Queensland Champions Cup match between Brisbane Roar and Leeds United at Cbus Super Stadium on July 14, 2022 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

This will certainly raise some eyebrows. Leeds takes simple to the next level, using a completely white kit, allowing just the tiniest amount of space for their secondary colours, blue and yellow. There’s not too much to say about this kit, it speaks for itself. Thanks to the dominance of white, the blue pops, and the yellow is striking, even in its limited usage. To me, this is the best kit in the Premier League in 2022.


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