Forge Away: An Ottawa Odyssey

On the bus with a group of fans, some rowdies, some youth, some diehard supporters, some staff members, and even some first-timers. You couldn’t ask for a better mix. This is the first time on the road as one since the first away game at York9. And while York Lions Stadium remains the easiest away… Continue reading Forge Away: An Ottawa Odyssey

Mark Noonan “Believes In Edmonton”

On Thursday afternoon, the Canadian Premier League announced the appointment of their second-ever commissioner, Mark Noonan. Noonan, who is also slated to become the CEO of Canada Soccer Business, ends the league's months-long international search for a new commissioner, and as such, will inherit some of the CPL's biggest problems. Perhaps the most pertinent of… Continue reading Mark Noonan “Believes In Edmonton”