CFL Power Rankings – Week 14

The end of the 2021 CFL season is now well within our sights and the playoff picture is almost set. We know who is good and who isn’t by now, and our ranking should be stabilized for the most part. The crazy thing, however, is they aren’t. More changes have come, so here’s how thingsContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 14”

Ti-Cats and Als In, Lions Teetering – CFL Week 14

It only took the first game of Week 14 for the East Division to shore up the three teams that will head to the playoffs and consign the B.C. Lions to the precarious position of needing to win out to have any shot at all of making it. In the early game on Friday night,Continue reading “Ti-Cats and Als In, Lions Teetering – CFL Week 14”