CFL Opt-Out List

CFL Opt-Out List

It’s been over a week that the CFL has announced the cancellation of the 2020 CFL season and with that, Article 16 became a huge talking point as to whether all players would become free agents or not. A couple of days later, the CFL and CFLPA were able to hammer out an agreement that would allow players with contracts expiring in 2021 or 2022 to opt-out of their contract to pursue employment elsewhere.

Some important information:

  1. The opt-Out period is between Monday, August 24 through Monday, August 31
  2. Player whose contract is expiring in 2021 who chooses to opt-out cannot sign with any CFL club until the start of free agency February 2021
  3. Player whose contract is expiring in 2022 who chooses to opt-out who decided to return to the CFL must return to their current club and honour the remaining SPC.
  4. Players released after opting out would be eligible to sign with another CFL club if they are released from other employment

Opt-Out List

  1. Brett Lauther – Kicker – Saskatchewan Roughriders Contract expires 2021
  2. Dakoda Shepley – Offensive Lineman – Saskatchewan Roughriders Contract expires 2022 – Released
  3. Deon Lacy – Linebacker – Saskatchewan Roughriders Contract expires 2021 – Released
  4. Wynton McManis – Linebacker – Calgary Stampeders Contract expires 2021 – Released
  5. Richie Leone – Punter – Ottawa Redblacks Contract expires 2021
  6. Ricky Collins Jr. – Wide Receiver – Edmonton Football Team Contract expires 2021
  7. Sergio Castillo – Kicker – BC Lions Contract Expires 2021
  8. McLeod Bethal-Thompson – Quarterback – Toronto Argonauts Contract expires 2021
  9. Fabian Guerra – Wide Receiver – Montreal Alouettes Contract expires 2022
  10. Jon Ryan – Punter – Saskatchewan Roughriders Contract expires 2021
  11. Lorenzo Jerome – Defensive Back – Calgary Stampeders Contract expires 2021
  12. Kwadarrious Smith – Wide Receiver – Toronto Argonauts Contract expires N/A – Released
  13. Ranthony Texada – Defensive Back – Winnipeg Blue Bombers Contract Expires N/A
  14. DeMarcus Ayers – Wide Receiver – Saskatchewan Roughriders Contract Expires 2021

Some big names have already opted-out after day one of the opt-out period. it will be interesting to see how many continue to opt-out over the next couple of days. Dakoda Shepley was released August 25 by the Roughriders, he has until January 31st, 2022 to report back to the Roughriders or he will be a Free Agent and cannot sign until his contract expires.

We will continue to update the list on here & on our twitter page

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