It’s Time to Respect Josh Allen

It’s Time to Respect Josh Allen

Josh Allen has always been shown no respect by NFL pundits since he was drafted seventh overall by the Buffalo Bills in 2018 and it’s about time that changes.

Allen came into the NFL as a kid with a massive arm, great mobility, but sub-par accuracy on his passes. He would miss open receivers, sail the long ball, and fumble the ball all too frequently. It was his first season in the NFL and growing pains were to be expected, but some Bills fans lost all faith, and people around the NFL touted Allen as a bust.

Unfair as it was, the picture was painted. Allen was a running back to people around the NFL. People started calling for Matt Barkley and Derek Anderson to start games over Allen. Amazingly, I recall people calling for Nathan Peterman to start over Allen in his rookie season. Nathan Peterman. Let that one sink in. Starting Peterman over the quarterback you just drafted seventh overall? All aboard the train to looney town.

This season, Allen has been lights out. He’s sitting with a record of 3-0 with 12 total touchdowns and one interception. Mind you, that interception was potentially one of the worst calls in NFL history. It can rival the “fail mary” play during the replacement officials era. He has lost a few fumbles this season so far, but that has also been starting to look a little better as the season goes along.

Allen sits with 1038 yards through three weeks, already a third of the number of yards he posted just a season ago. If you have watched any of the Bills games this season, you can see the progression. Josh Allen has taken the next step to being an elite quarterback in the NFL.

Stefon Diggs has made a massive impact on this Bills team. Before, Allen would have to throw people open. Now with Diggs on the roster, defences are forced to slow Diggs down leaving other players open. All Allen needs to do is make the right read and complete a pass.

But completing the pass had never been something Allen has been elite at. He was always an inaccurate QB. That has changed. He’s throwing accurate passes this season. Not to mention, he’s running the ball very well this year too. Allen really does have all the tools in the toolbox to be the next elite QB in Buffalo.

Where does Allen go from here on out? Who really knows. If he can keep playing like this, he will be the best QB to ever step foot in that Buffalo Bills locker room. Put some respect on Josh Allen’s name.

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