CFL Power Rankings – Week 6

CFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Another exciting week of CFL football is in the books and in week six, there were some surprising results that shook our power rankings up once again. A weekend full of rematches and over nine hours of football on Saturday kept fans entertained, but we are starting to see who’s hot and who’s not. The playoff picture is starting to take shape, and we will be at the end of the season before we know it!

9. Ottawa Redblacks (1-4)

Last Ranking: 9th

Week 6: @ BC (loss 45-13)

Streak: 4 losses

Next Game: Week 8 Vs. Hamilton

I have no idea what the Redblacks need to do to fix this mess right now. Dominique Davis seemed to give them a spark until he threw his pick-six late in the first half of the game, but he fell apart in the second half. It’s not like it mattered, though. The game was over well before halftime. Defensively, the team went from one of the best units in the CFL to not being able to tackle a tyke player. Just about everything has been changed except for one thing, Marcel Desjardins. That’s likely the change that needs to be made to get this team back on the rails.

8. Edmonton Elks (2-3)

Last Ranking: 7th

Week 6: Vs. Calgary (loss 32-16)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 7 Vs. Winnipeg

Trevor Harris and the Elks followed up their great performance on Labour Day by laying an egg in the rematch, but who could have seen that coming? Well, everyone actually, this wasn’t hard to predict. Once again, inconsistency bites Harris and his team and it’s nothing new. It’s beyond frustrating because we all know how talented he actually is, but it seems that for every great game he plays, he has an equally bad game the very next week. There’s a reason we have kept the Elks so far down our rankings compared to others including the CFL’s own rankings and 3 Down Nation’s rankings.


7. Calgary Stampeders (2-4)

Last Ranking: 8th

Week 6: @ Edmonton (win 32-16)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 7 @ Hamilton

The Stampeders got Bo Levi Mitchell back this week, and while the game wasn’t pretty and they very easily could have lost, they scraped a victory out. Mitchell didn’t look great, especially not early in the game, but they have inched themselves a little bit closer to competing for a playoff spot. This team has been best described as mediocre this season, never great, but never terrible either. I don’t expect big things from them, but they are going to be competitive.

6. Toronto Argonauts (3-2)

Last Ranking: 6th

Week 6: Vs. Hamilton (win 17-16)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 7 @ Saskatchewan

Typically after a team wins again, they will move up a spot or two, especially if the team they beat is right in front of them as the Tiger-Cats are in this scenario, but the Argos did not look good in their game and probably should have lost. Like the Stampeders, this is a team that I would describe as okay. They don’t seem to be able to bring their best every single game, and they have looked more on the side of bad than good in the past few weeks. Yes, they won the game and it’s huge for them, but they need to figure things out quickly.


5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2-3)

Last Raking: 3rd

Week 6: @ Toronto (loss 17-16)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 7 Vs. Calgary

Let’s keep things short and sweet with the Tiger-Cats. Things were going well after the 0-2 start and they could possibly be winners of three straight had Michael Domagala made the extra point, but their real issue now is the health of Dane Evans and Jeremiah Masoli. If neither of those two are back next week, it’s very likely they will lose the game with David Watford at quarterback. Things are getting hairy in tiger-town and this might be the turning point in their season, for better or for worse.

4. Montreal Alouettes (2-2)

Last Ranking: 4th

Week 6: BYE WEEK

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 7 Vs. BC

The Montreal Alouettes have already used up two of their three bye weeks just six weeks into the season, but they have looked good despite the rather poor scheduling to start the season. They have had their moments where they looked off in their two losses, but in their two wins, they have looked virtually unstoppable. A heavy reliance on the deep ball might be their Achilles heel this season, but for the time being, they look like possible favourites to come out of the East division.


3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (3-2)

Last Raning: 2nd

Week 6: @ Winnipeg (loss 33-9)

Streak: 2 losses

Next Game: Week 7 Vs. Toronto

There really isn’t too much in the way of positive things to say about the last two games the Roughriders have played, and that is why they have fallen another spot. Those were two critical games against their biggest rival and they didn’t even look like they belonged in the same building as the Blue Bombers. I still have faith that this team can be something great, but man, they showed that they still have a long way to go. Just hope that Cody Fajardo is okay, they aren’t going far without him.

2. BC Lions (3-2)

Last Ranking: 5th

Week 6: Vs. Ottawa (win 45-13)

Streak: 2 wins

Next Game: Week 7 @ Montreal

We are going to be criticized for this one for sure, but here’s the deal. The BC Lions got the job done in their last two games and the Roughriders didn’t. Yes, the Lions played Ottawa, but you can only play who is in front of you, and they have done that very well. This is a team that I think has been waiting to bust out and prove how good they are since the start of the season. They might just be ready to do that. Their next three games come against the Alouettes, Blue Bombers, and Roughriders, so we will soon find out if we are right about this one.


1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (5-1)

Last Ranking: 1st

Week 6: Vs. Saskatchewan (win 33-9)

Streak: 3 wins

Next Game: Week 7 @ Edmonton

No one should feel better about their first six weeks of the season than the Blue Bombers. They have had a couple of games where they looked off including their loss at the hands of the Argonauts a few weeks ago, but otherwise, they have looked every bit capable of defending their Grey Cup title from 2019. A statement was made against the Roughriders, and you have to wonder if anyone is going to be able to dethrone the champs.

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