CFL Power Rankings – Week 7

Week seven of the CFL season threw things for a loop once again, but things are starting to become a little bit more clear as we see times for either the fifth or sixth time this season. The middle of the pack, however, is very close and separated by such slim margins that there isContinue reading “CFL Power Rankings – Week 7”

More Questions After CFL Week 7

There were no major surprises in Week seven of the Canadian Football League season, but the results do pose some interesting questions to ponder about how this season will eventually pan out. Hamilton’s win against Calgary wasn’t unexpected and showed that the Ticats are currently striving to be the top team in the East Division.Continue reading “More Questions After CFL Week 7”

CFL Fantasy Football Preview – Week 7

Week seven of the CFL season is just hours away from kickoff, and as has been somewhat of a tradition for us this season, we bring to you some fantasy football picks for the week for multiple different ways to play. Here’s what we have cooking this week. Total CFL Pick ‘Em  I’ve got HamiltonContinue reading “CFL Fantasy Football Preview – Week 7”