CFL Power Rankings – Week 7

CFL Power Rankings – Week 7

Week seven of the CFL season threw things for a loop once again, but things are starting to become a little bit more clear as we see times for either the fifth or sixth time this season. The middle of the pack, however, is very close and separated by such slim margins that there is the potential for drastic change week over week. Let’s see how the CFL is shaping up after week seven.

9. Ottawa Redblacks (1-4)

Last Ranking: 9th

Week 7: BYE WEEK

Streak: 4 losses

Next Game: Week 8 Vs. Hamilton

The Ottawa Redblacks didn’t lose in week seven thanks to their bye week, but it was an interesting week for the struggling team. They added CFL veteran Kenny Stafford and a quarterback with plenty of hype surrounding him in Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges. What kind of impact will this have on their season? Who really knows, but it’s getting to the point where it can’t make it any worse.

8. Calgary Stampeders (2-5)

Last Ranking: 7th

Week 7: @ Hamilton (loss 23-17)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 9 Vs. Roughriders

It might be time to officially call an end to the Calgary Stampeders’ dynasty. I never thought that I would see the day where Bo Levi Mitchell doesn’t look like the team’s best option to win a game, but here we are. It might be time for him to ride the pine and let Jake Maier get to work on saving the Stamps’ season because Mitchell has been brutal this season. Let’s hope that he can return to form eventually.


7. Edmonton Elks (2-4)

Last Ranking: 8th

Week 7: Vs. Winnipeg (loss 37-22)

Streak: 2 losses

Next Game: Week 9 @ Ottawa

The Edmonton Elks are in big trouble with or without Trevor Harris. Taylor Cornelius threw three interceptions and while his ball has plenty of zip to it, it’s pretty clear that the Elks aren’t winning many games with him. Their issue is that they aren’t winning with their starter either. They aren’t out of a playoff race just yet, but that door will close sooner rather than later if they can’t start winning.

6. Toronto Argonauts (3-3)

Last Ranking: 6th

Week 7: @ Saskatchewan (loss 30-16)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 8 Vs. Montreal

For a team that signed everyone and their mother in the extended offseason, the Toronto Argonauts have been a complete disappointment. They come out on fire one week, and in the very next they look terrible. Maybe it comes down to a rookie head coach, or maybe it comes down to their quarterback still getting his feet wet in the CFL, but either way, it’s not good.


5. Montreal Alouettes (2-3)

Last Ranking: 4th

Week 7: Vs. BC (loss 27-18)

Streak: 1 loss

Next Game: Week 8 @ Toronto

On paper, the Montreal Alouettes are one of the better teams in the league, but their reluctance to make something other than the deep ball work is holding them back from being great. When Vernon Adams Jr. can toss the ball deep, they are fun to watch and an electric team, but when they can’t, it’s like their whole world comes crashing down. Throw it short and run the ball sometimes, it can work. You don’t need a touchdown on every single play.

4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (3-3)

Last Ranking: 5th

Week 7: Vs. Calgary (win 23-17)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 9 @ Ottawa

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats seemed to be on the verge of finding their game when both Dave Evans and Jeremiah Masoli went down with injuries. With David Watford starting for the Cats in week seven, I thought it would be a crushing loss for them. Instead, they built a game plan suited to Watford and he made it work, and that is just good coaching. This team should still be feared come playoff time.


3. Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-2)

Last Ranking: 3rd

Week 7: Vs. Toronto (win 30-16)

Streak: 1 win

Next Game: Week 8 @ BC

After a couple of setbacks for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, they got back in the win collum in week seven. The Riders are a dangerous football team, but the Blue Bombers might be pulling away from them a little bit right now. They have a critical game with the Lions in week eight and they need to win if they don’t want to be shunted down to third in the West division.

2. BC Lions (4-2)

Last Ranking: 2nd

Week 7: @ Montreal (win 27-18)

Streak: 3 wins

Next Game: Week 8 Vs. Saskatchewan

We are very high on the BC Lions here, but it’s for good reason. They have plenty of players that can make plays for them and they have Michael Reilly, one of the league’s best quarterbacks. They are in the same boat as the Riders for week eight, however. The two teams go head-to-head with the winner taking sole possession of second in the West division. It’s a key game for the Lions to show that they are for real.


1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6-1)

Last Ranking: 1st

Week 7: @ Edmonton (win 37-22)

Streak: 4 wins

Next Game: Week 9 @ BC

There’s not much that hasn’t been said about the Bombers already. They are the cream of the crop in the CFL in 2021, and so far, other than one bad game early in the season, they have been untouchable. The job has only just begun and they need to keep rolling to ensure the number one spot in the West is theirs.

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