CFL BOG Vote ‘Yes’ On August 5th Start Date

Canadian Football League fans are no longer in limbo with the board of governors voting on Monday, June 14, to give the 2021 season the green light. The nine governors, or team owners, have unanimously approved the CFL’s proposed shortened 14-game season starting on August 5. The Grey Cup will be played in Hamilton onContinue reading “CFL BOG Vote ‘Yes’ On August 5th Start Date”

Drafted Players Look Forward to Starting CFL Careers

For the 54 players who were picked in the Canadian Football League draft in early May, as well as those signed during the free agency period, plus others who will be added to rosters along the way provided there is a 2021 season, this is the critical point in time they see as a launchpadContinue reading “Drafted Players Look Forward to Starting CFL Careers”